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  • Belize Honeymoons in Placencia

    Celebrate the Start of Your New Life in Belize

    Couples so focused on wedding decisions often give their honeymoons short shrift. It’s easy to do. Exhaustion, excitement, and stress combine to create a situation in which the couple browses the Internet, to figure out how far they can go without emptying their bank accounts and voila! The post-wedding trip is done.

    But not every couple finds exactly what they seek when they arrive at their destinations, writes Anne Roderique-Jones whose “Vogue” article thesis is that couples should find destinations that fit their “type.” She recommends a plethora of places that cover the globe. But suppose one destination had so much to offer, type wouldn’t matter? It’s no fantasy. It’s Belize; the #1 honeymoon destination for every couple and every type—even you!

    Belize Honeymoon Ideas

    1. Anne Recommends honeymooning at a location that nobody in your crowd has visited so you’re the first. If Belize hasn’t been on the radar of folks in your circle, begin your Belize discovery process with Placencia where high-end properties like Laru Beya Resort take honeymoon luxury and excitement to a whole new level.

    2. Foodies know a great nation by its cuisine and Belize is no exception. Ethnic influences are diverse and come together in a splendid mix of national dishes likely to resonate with couples with eclectic tastes. Belize cuisine is rooted in the traditions of the Maya, British colonists, African slaves, and Spanish conquests. Belize wine, beer, and spirits are just beginning to receive the notoriety they deserve.

    3. Honeymoon for your health! Wedding planning can take a toll on a relationship and there is no faster, more relaxing way to decompress and restore your sanity than by opting for a health and wellness honeymoon. Laru Beya spa services are healing and diverse and you needn’t show up at an actual spa to receive treatments since therapists will perform their services within your suite, on your balcony or even on the beach.

    4. Placencia beaches are rated the best of the best because this peninsula offers honeymooners 16 miles of pristine shoreline along the Caribbean Sea. Romantic nighttime strolls and sun-splashed days are guaranteed to delight and soothe the senses and spirits of newlyweds who are just starting their lifelong journey together.

    5. Since Belize is small, honeymooning animal lovers can trek through Belize jungles, rain forests and preserves 24/7 and get an idea of what Noah’s Ark was like. Belize is home to 145 types of mammals, 139 reptile families and over 500 species of rare birds. The marine life waiting for scuba divers along the second biggest barrier reef on Earth has been known to leave visitors spellbound.

    Find Honeymoon Heaven in Placencia Belize

    Laru Beya – Your Ultimate Romantic Getaway‎

    Laru Beya Resort staff members love to help couples customize their honeymoons once they settle into their digs and stroll the lush grounds to figure out where the swimming pool, gourmet restaurant, and other onsite amenities are located. By choosing a Belize all inclusive honeymoon package, arrangements are set before the wedding, so your lone task is to hop a plane with the love of your life and fly a few hours south.

    Honeymoon type? What type? Laru Beya, Placencia and Belize are everybody’s type, which is exactly why honeymooners return on anniversaries to recapture all of that bliss!

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