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  • Girlfriends' Getaway in Placencia Belize

    What’s the ideal way to cement those already strong bonds with your besties? Plan the ultimate girl’s getaway in Placencia Belize where everyone can enjoy an effortless (responsibility-free!) getaway. It’s easier than you think, so keep reading…

    Perfect planning is the key to success

    Milk and Honey Travels blogger Brianna Glenn knows plenty about corralling gal pals for overseas trips, so take her advice when you put your plans together. Start with an ideal destination. Belize is the ultimate travel abroad experience: It only takes a few hours to fly there, and everyone speaks English, so no translator is required to order that first round of rum punches.

    Next up, you need a game plan. Brianna suggests picking a property that prioritizes a mix of relaxation and adventure, so everyone has the chance to do what they love. Host a get-together (preferably with wine) in advance to make a list of everything your friends want to do and activities in which individuals have no interest. In other words, communicate and reach agreements so tiffs don’t pop up during your sojourn.

    The right venue is crucial

    Belize is currently the hottest vacation destination in the hemisphere for myriad reasons. There’s little to no Covid. The tourism industry has adopted hygiene and cleanliness protocols that have no equal. Ancient Maya cities, caves, and landmarks are incomparable and your posse will have the time of their lives without worrying that this tropical vacation could cost more than household budgets can bear.

    Consider Laru Beya Resort located on the Placencia peninsula and you’ve found nirvana. The staff knows all there is to know about girls’ getaways because they host them year-round. Discuss and pick one of the resort’s Belize all inclusive packages to get the deal of a lifetime and work with staff on a game plan to customize your stay.

    Belize Girlfriends Trip
    What to do when you arrive

    Take a day to unpack, get the lay of the land, check out the restaurant and bar, review the resort’s bounty of amenities – infinity pool, kayaks, sailboats, bicycles, golf carts, and the resort spa. It’s girlfriend-ready. Book services as soon as possible so you can all wind down quickly.

    Laru Beya is close enough to the town of Placencia to give you easy access so your group can shop, browse galleries and explore Belize’s fascinating cultural scene. Since the entire peninsula is just 16-miles long, those bicycles and golf carts will come in handy and since this finger of land offers visitors ocean and lagoon-side beaches, your group’s desire to snorkel, dive, swim, and veg out will give you more options than you can possibly fit into a single visit.

    Laru Beya staff love nothing more than personalizing girls’ getaways and you could save money by coordinating your trip with a resort special. Having survived Covid in a reasonably good state of mind, you and your friends deserve nothing less than paradise Belize style, so ask your friends this question right now: What are we waiting for, ladies?

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