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  • Visit Placencia Belize This Fall

    Did you get away during the pandemic or were you too frightened to venture far from home? Have you been dreaming of tropical breeze and sunshine while giving yourself a long list of reasons why you don’t need a getaway? We’ve got your back. These 7 epic reasons to visit Placencia Belize this fall are not just convincing but good for your mental and physical health in so many ways, you’ll wonder why you hesitated!

    1. The fall season in Placencia isn’t crowded. If memories of beaches packed with humanity, long queues at eateries, and disappointing tours leave you wondering why you thought your last dreadful vacation was a good idea, you picked the wrong destination. Belize is the #1 travel pick for more reasons than we have room to list here.

    Reasons To Visit Placencia Belize This Fall - Beautiful Beaches

    2. Belize is safe to visit. The nation currently boasts the least number of Covid cases in the region, as was the case during the pandemic’s apex. Not only did the tourism industry adopt health and sanitation protocols applicable to every resort, hotel, and attraction, but these protocols remain in place.

    3. Eat lobster. Lots of it. Imagine a grilled lobster tail nestled onto a dinner plate beside an icy mug of Beliken Beer. Experiment. Don’t just stick to tails; try stuffed lobster, seafood stews, lobster rolls, and more. You can eat it 24/7 throughout the fall in Belize without emptying your bank account.

    4. Take advantage of fall resort specials. Placencia’s Laru Beya Resort offers autumn deals so fabulous, you’ll read them twice. Travel before December 18th to take advantage of them, understanding that reservations at this small boutique resort fill fast so you won’t want to wait.

    placencia belize beach vacations

    5. Visit the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s a mecca for visitors eager to dive, snorkel, fish, sail or just get close to this remarkable offshore landmark. No need to make arrangements to get to the reef since Laru Beya’s Belize vacation packages include reef tours and more.

    6. It’s easy to get Belize from North America. Southern U.S. airports can get you on the ground in just a few hours, so even if you’re originating in Minneapolis, you won’t be in the air long. Service from major cities has been restored and more direct flights are being added.

    7. Traveling during the fall is good for your mental health. As days winnow down, the number of daylight hours diminishes and your spirits can nosedive. Scientists agree that time spent in the sun while being waited on hand and foot by resort staffers yields amazing, stress-diminishing results that can get you through the winter.

    Best time to visit Belize

    Located on the Placencia peninsula, Laru Beya Resort not only offers the aforementioned benefits, but once you make your reservation, don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling lighter, happier, and more tranquil as you anticipate what awaits. It’s the right nation. The right region. The resort you would design if given the chance! Learn more before you book and take advantage of deals and savings you’re likely to find simply irresistible.

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