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  • Travel to Belize! It's Good for the Soul

    Traveling Is Good For Your Health, According To Science

    You probably already know that an active vacation can revitalize body and mind and a relaxing vacation can be as therapeutic as sessions with a skilled counselor trained to help you stay in balance. But scientists are beginning to prove that travel is good for the soul—any kind of travel, for that matter.

    Of course, you’re not going to feed your soul if you have to clean out your bank account to vacation, but suppose you learned about a soul-feeding destination that’s both near and far, affordable and luxurious and lots of fun, too? That destination is Belize, and especially Placencia where souls go to reclaim their balance. You’ll find a restorative experience that suits your needs and desires perfectly.

    Why not go to Ambergris Caye after either visiting in the past or hearing recommendations from friends who insist this destination is paradise? Because you’re looking to get in touch with your feelings and there are simply too many parties and crowds to do justice to your mission.

    Here’s the best part of this recommendation: despite the fact that Placencia has become known as the nation’s new top tourism destination, the crowds that frequent Ambergris Caye have yet to discover it, so your visit will be exciting and filled with fun. The tranquility you enjoy as a result of staying at a resort like Laru Beya is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past.

    Vacation in Belize to Indulge Your Body, Mind and Even Your Soul

    Vacation in Belize to Indulge Your Body, Mind and Even Your Soul

    One of the biggest perks of visiting Laru Beya Resort is that this property’s chief mission is to help guests unwind, relax and re-energize their souls. Here’s what you can look forward to if you opt for an all inclusive package that takes all of the work out of your vacation:

    -As you re-invigorate your soul, your health gets a boost too. Travel has been proven to lower the risk of heart disease in men and women.
    -You get to be as active as you want to be because there are so many activity and cultural options, you’re going to find the ones that are perfectly suited to your personality and interest.
    -You decrease your chances of crashing and burning by taking a stress-free vacation. Laru Beya staff specialize in helping guests unwind and disconnect.
    -There’s nothing routine about a sojourn at Laru Beya! You’ll step out of your comfort zone just enough to energize your imagination and feel the transformation.
    -You get to choose the exact amount of exercise your body and soul crave. Whether it’s exploring a Maya ruin, digging your feet into the sand or diving deep into the ocean, you craft your own menu.
    -Everything old is new again, and the enrichment your soul receives is beyond therapeutic. Laru Beya beaches are like no others, staff is amazing and you’re going to encounter other souls in search of the respite this resort promises.

    If your soul could make requests, we’re pretty sure what they would be—but you won’t reach a true understanding of this bliss if you don’t come and see for yourself a slice of heaven that awaits you in Placencia and at Laru Beya Resort where every soul on earth will find a home.

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