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  • Belize will delight your senses

    Just because we grow up, that doesn’t mean we’ve lost touch with all 5 of the senses we were delighted to discover as babies. Each is guaranteed to kick into overdrive during a Belize vacation. That turquoise sea. More than 250 indigenous species of orchids. And wait until you experience the fragrances of spices used to prepare some of the most eclectic cuisines on the planet. Sound yummy? It gets better the moment you arrive.

    The Sights of Belize will delight your curiosity, impress you with their beauty, and delight your sensibilities. From ancient Maya architectural wonders to underground caves filled with artifacts left behind by these highly intelligent people, you’ll treat your eyes and imagination to lush jungles, majestic waterfalls, a fragrant pine forest, and the second-longest barrier reef on the planet. Everywhere you look, you’ll be charmed.

    The Sounds of Belize are unique and yet familiar because Belize music is a compendium of West African and Carib Indian styles further broken down into three popular genres: Paranda, Punta, and Punta Rock. This is lively, energetic, and colorful music and the beat is contagious enough to prompt visitors to learn to drum from Garifuna musicians. This sample will be a treat for your ears.

    The Smells of Belize are composed of more than the orchids and spices cited above. There’s a distinct, perhaps intoxicating earthy fresh smell born of thickets of foliage, both flowery and pungent. Because Belize is an agricultural wonderland with orange and other citrus trees in abundance, perfumes fill the air everywhere you go, including the unmistakable fragrance of chocolate production that originated with the Maya people.

    Enrich your senses with the jungle smells in Belize

    The Tastes of Belize. Wikipedia describes the nation’s eating scene as “an amalgamation of all ethnicities,” and those ethnicities create a culinary melting pot that’s divine. Represented are Mestizo, Maya, Kriol, Garifuna, Spanish, and too many others to list here. Suffice to say, going hungry in Belize is impossible. Favored libations include cashew wine and Belikin beer plus an array of tantalizing desserts.

    The Touches of Belize. Frequent visitors say that everything about Belize touches them; from the warm, welcoming people to the relaxed vibe and feelings they get strolling a beach or visiting a wildlife refuge where the protection of the nation’s animals touches the heart of every visitor. From the moment the Belize sun and cooling breezes touch your skin, you’ll be transformed.

    Do these descriptions heighten your urge to visit? If the answer is yes, this incentive could replace your urge with action: One of Belize’s most highly touted properties – Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula – just announced special offers that will touch your wallet, too.

    These amazing deals require your attention immediately since the resort is small and luxurious, thus reservations fill fast. These specials are good through December, so act now and you’ll have lots of time to prepare all of your 5 senses for an experience that will linger in your memory for years to come.

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