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    Do human beings have different definitions for the word adventure? The answer is yes, say scientists who study this intriguing psychological approach to life. For some, an iconic movie like “Indiana Jones,” “Jaws” or the currently popular “Avengers” series are all that’s needed to pump up every bodily reaction from blood pressure to the imagination.

    For others, nothing but a lengthy zip-lining course, hiking into a foreboding cave, or competing in ultramarathons will do. But here’s news you’ll find enlightening – especially if you plan to travel in the company of folks whose ideas of risk are like night and day – Belize is the place where everyone can get their fill of adventure.

    Why is the present moment an especially important time to plan your own version of an adventure trip? These reasons are likely to strike a chord with you:

    -One of the best ways to kiss 2020 goodbye in style is by escaping the ordinary.
    -Being cooped up in sequestration mode has gotten old; you need wilderness to re-set your inner compass.
    -Sustainable travel is trendy, so you don’t have to compromise your ethics to enjoy an adventure.
    -Small tour groups are especially popular because individuals get more personal attention.
    -Staying active remains one of the primary reasons travelers are choosing adventures.

    Find the adventure you seek

    Belize Jungle tours - Howler Monkey

    Wild and exciting jungles, rainforests filled with exotic creatures, and every type of water sport designed to test the mettle of vacationers can all be found within this 8,867-mile nation. From repelling into caves once used to conduct secret Maya rituals to paragliding along the edge of the Caribbean Sea, headquarter on the Placencia peninsula to find the country’s epicenter of adventure and keep things convenient by staying at Laru Beya Resort.

    Laru Beya is a small luxury property that prides itself on spoiling every guest. For travelers eager to focus on adventure rather than worrying about logistics, Laru Beya’s Belize vacation packages, not only include delicious cuisine and accommodations that look as though they were created by Hollywood set designers, but you select exactly the experiences you crave from the resort’s Belize tour menu.

    Match your AQ (Adventure Quotient) with your budget

    Vacation in Belize on a budget

    Having concluded that the wisdom of choosing a Laru Beya packages makes all of the financial sense in the world, you may think that you’ve already found Nirvana, but there’s more to entice you to come to this area of Belize for a longer stay: How about taking advantage of further price reductions by opting for a Belize resort special?

    Just a couple of hours by plane from major southern U.S. hubs, Belize won’t even require you to master another language to figure out what your guide is saying as he fastens you to a harness for your zip ride over a teeming jungle canopy since English is Belize’s first language. Adventures. Proximity. Savings. Put them all together and you’ve struck gold – no matter what your definition of adventure happens to be!

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