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  • Belize Vacation 2024

    Be honest: Do you often feel like a hamster on a wheel, working non-stop but always feeling as though you should be doing more? It’s a classic state experienced by workaholics for whom unwinding and relaxing can be close to impossible! If you’re one of them, what would it take to slow you down and help you live a longer, more productive life? We recommend Belize, an epicenter of relaxation that’s so soothing, rush jobs, stress, and that hamster wheel all disappear.

    Reasons to head south

    You’ve probably already been advised to slow down by friends, relatives, and perhaps doctors, but it feels impossible without absenting yourself from the tempo that drives and rewards your ambitions. Once you remove yourself from that environment, something magical happens in Belize. The laid-back atmosphere takes no time to impact your body and mind as you de-stress, experience improved brain function, and reduce muscle tension, and your immune system gets a healthy boost as well.

    Does the property you choose to achieve this state of bliss matter? You bet. Avoid crowds, find tranquility, and more at Laru Beya Resort, a haven repeatedly called “paradise” by folks who wouldn’t dream of staying elsewhere. Would you like to put your brain on pause? Laru Beya’s all inclusive packages and add-ons simplify your vacation experience, and because you have choices, a customized stay gives you exactly the itinerary you seek at a price that will relax your wallet, too.

    Reasons to give yourself this escape in 2024

    • Between now and the dates you choose, knowing paradise awaits will impact everything you do.
    • Since the package includes everything you desire for a restorative stay, your budget stays intact.
    • You can choose to come down during the season that best fits your hectic schedule.
    • From spacious accommodations to in-room or balcony spa services, leaving your digs could be a challenge.
    • Food at Laru Beya is divine. Eat a snack before viewing the eatery’s photos and browsing the menu on this website page.
    • Onsite amenities include the freshwater infinity swimming pool, beach, kayaks, Hobie Cat sailboats, bicycles, and golf carts.
    • You’ll be headquartered on the chill, popular, 16-mile-long Placencia Peninsula, home to ocean and lagoon coasts, and near historic Placencia Village and myriad attractions.

    Belize adventure trips 2024

    New Year. New You.

    Your wise plan to decompress and unwind in the year ahead is likely the next best decision you’ve made since you last fell in love! You’ll reset your body and brain and discover that the glow you enjoy during your time at Laru Beya doesn’t disappear once you return home.

    Plan your trip strategically, and you could save more money by tapping a current special. Ready to block out your calendar for your 2024 getaway? Reserve your place in paradise right now: [email protected] or use the US Toll Free number:+1-800-389-2528. There’s a good chance you’ll start to unwind the moment you make your reservation!

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