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  • Celebrating Earth Day in Belize

    Any idea why the words Earth Day appear in the April 22nd square on your calendar? This day of commemoration salutes awareness of the same issues that continue to plague today’s world: Toxic, polluted air, hazardous waste dumped into waterways, and other environmental offenses that make people and animals sick.

    Until 1970, it was legal to release harmful agents and there wasn’t a thing people, courts, or governments could do about it—until 1970 when U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson brought the issue to Congress, launching a domino effect that resulted in the Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act and creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Following suit, international efforts were launched to make Earth Day a global movement. One of the first to get on board was Belize, the small nation that took to heart the implications of not going the extra mile to protect the ecological balance of its homeland. For 50+ years, this date has remained sacrosanct.

    No small calendar event for Belize!

    Rather than point to demonstrators gathering with signs to encourage citizens to weigh in on the side of Mother Nature, Earth Day is a big deal in Belize. Visit on April 22, 2023, to see for yourself the progress spearheaded by the Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE) in these critically important areas:
    • Tropical rainforest restoration that enhances the cacao-based agroforestry program.
    • Watershed restoration focusing on tributaries like the Monkey River Watershed.
    • Wildlife restoration mandates that support release and captive-breeding programs.
    • Habitat restoration prioritizing reserve management and protection.

    Sustainable tourism in Belize

    See the progress. Have fun, too

    Over the past few years, the Placencia peninsula has become a magnet for tourists who aren’t up for the party atmosphere for which Ambergris Caye is known. Instead, this sultry finger of land offers tourists Belize’s most lauded beaches on two coasts. Just one mile apart, visitors can choose between the Caribbean side and the tranquil lagoon.

    Want to experience both shorelines kept pristine by the nation’s ecological efforts? Choose a resort that not only offers access to both beaches, but the village of Placencia, tours, onsite amenities, gourmet dining, and impeccable personal service, wrapped in an abundance of tropical trees, flowers, jungle, and natural landscaping that typifies the nation’s topography. At Laru Beya Resort every day is Earth Day!

    Make your stay at Laru Beya a festive one

    Staff and management assure you that paradise has an address. You’ll agree once you peruse the resort’s  all inclusive Belize vacation packages that invite you to design the tropical getaway that fits your budget and appetite for tours, onsite activities and so much more.

    Importantly, make your visit a salute to our fragile planet and the pleasures you receive when you’re amid the beauty and majesty of mountains, jungles, waterways, and wildlife thriving in a lush environment. As an added gift, you can build your getaway around Laru Beya’s hot deals menu. Not only will you have a fun vacation, but you’ll leave Belize reassured that the planet is home to people who truly care about future generations.

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