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  • Belize Father's Day Trip

    Because today’s offspring tend to have a more sentimental attachment to Mother’s Day, it can be easy to let that third Sunday in June slip by with a last-minute card, but your dad deserves more, writes Catherine Boeckmann for The Farmer’s Almanac. While first recognized by Richard Nixon’s administration, the tale behind the origins of Father’s Day is much more intriguing. 

    While the declaration of Mother’s Day in 1914 caught on like wildfire, not everyone was in favor of a similar day for fathers, saying that the floral industry benefitted most from this celebration of moms, and no son was about to order a bouquet for dad, said one historian. Further, since women didn’t work back then, Dad would wind up paying for his own gift anyway!

    Today’s father hardly resembles the dads of yesteryear

    Not only are women supporting families, but the number of “stay-at-home” dads is climbing. This has led to dramatic changes in once-traditional family roles, reason enough to acknowledge the fact that Dad is as deserving of an honorific day as Mom. 

    Because things have changed so dramatically, offspring have taken shirts and ties off shopping lists and they’re investing more creativity and money in giving Dad memorable gifts. You may be surprised to learn how many of them treat dads to getaways, and if you come to Belize in mid-June, you’ll run into plenty of them. Why not join them?

    As a rule, you’ll find more adventure junkies than beach dwellers celebrating Father’s Day in Belize, and for a fabulous variety of activities that challenge, delight, and thrill dads of all ages, turn to Laru Beya Resort for the ultimate good time. It’s located along the Caribbean coast where so many aquatic sporting options await, Dad couldn’t possibly run out of things to do.

    Unique Father's Day Vacation Belize

    Are your kids too young to foot the bill?

    Here’s the excuse you’ve been looking for to give yourself a Laru Beya escape. All-inclusive Belize vacation packages and add-ons invite every dad to design a Father’s Day getaway that saves money and eliminates the need to make decisions since everything is bundled for one price. And with these money-saving deals, you could save even more by booking your trip right now.

    Must you be in Belize on that official Sunday, June 18th, to enjoy your Father’s Day getaway? Of course not. Weekly scheduled a la carte tours are always on the Laru Beya tour menu, so whenever you’re able to get away to this paradise on earth, feel free to declare your own Father’s Day. Finally, do you or your father dream of overindulging in lobster? Make that Father’s Day pilgrimage a few weeks later when Lobsterfest is being held. Spoil dad. Spoil yourself. It’s your day and your celebration, deserving dudes!

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