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  • Placencia Beaches in Belize This Fall

    If you’ve been preparing for a visit to Belize, you may have run into what we like to call “The battle of the beaches”! This nation has so many delightful ones that competition is stiff. For repeat visitors who have favorites, prepare for an earful of information that explains exactly why one beach is better than another.

    Do enough research before making a decision and the scales are likely to tip in the direction of the Placencia beach scene for myriad reasons. One factor that outweighs arguments is simple: Visitors get a choice of two beaches courtesy of the shape of the Placencia Peninsula where your preference for the rolling waves of the Caribbean Sea coast or the tranquil lagoon side offers visitors two diverse choices.

    If you love the ocean…

    …and want direct access to not just the surf but a bountiful list of ocean sporting options, reserve a stay at Laru Beya Resort where the  All-Inclusive package is so generous, you’ll spend time exploring the wonders of the Caribbean Sea rather than trying to decide where to stay, eat, and have fun.

    Laru Beya has it all: Charming digs with ocean views, an onsite restaurant that serves the freshest, tastiest meals on the peninsula. Whether you decide to partake of the resort’s tour menu or stick around and take advantage of amenities, it’s impossible to make a bad choice.

    Among Laru Beya’s onsite options are the infinity swimming pool, and aquatic sporting gear like complimentary kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboat. Rent a golf cart or borrow bicycles to head for nearby Placencia Village. There’s lots to keep you entertained.

    Explore Placencia Beaches in Fall

    If you love the lagoon…

    …and crave the relaxed environment that only a lagoon offers visitors, this shoreline is only a mile away, so you can walk or bicycle to this beach to spend a tranquil afternoon keeping an eye out for the shy manatees who make their homes in the waters off this coast.

    Ask your Laru Beya host about this side of the peninsula, bring a camera, and plan to hang out along this blissfully relaxing stretch of water. Since both sides of the Placencia Peninsula are only around 16 miles long, it’s easy to feel as though you’re on an island because barring the landmass that marks the start of the peninsula, this parcel of land might easily have become one!

    No matter which stretches of beach you prefer, returning to your accommodation at day’s end is a treat that you can anticipate with great delight because every lodging is colorfully decorated, spotlessly clean, and roomy and the views are nothing short of awesome.

    Turn your beach experience into an affordable getaway by grabbing a current special. Consider the restrictions that apply before you check the availability of dates and you could save enough money to warrant an extended sojourn, offering you plenty of time to introduce yourself to both of these fabulous stretches of beach!

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