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    If you have lots of disposable income and all the time in the world, booking any of the adventure getaways described on the website won’t be a problem for you. Editors recommend skydiving Mt. Everest, trekking across the South Pole, skiing down Norway’s fjords, and helicoptering over Latin America where the tab ranges between $71,000 and $132,000.

    Additionally, editors suggest a $31,680 Great Himalaya Trail excursion, $50,800 fly fishing trip to the Maldives, $175,000 African Safari, and 3-day outer space flight, the cost of which has just been reduced to around $201,300. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by those prices, we’ve got good news: Most of these adventures can be replicated close to home in Belize—with the exception of that space adventure!

    Belize adventure choices offer just as much excitement

    Like all great adventures, one of the secrets to a meaningful getaway is finding a resort offering all-inclusive packages that take care of lodging, meals, local beverages, and amenities during a sojourn so you can go about the business of challenging your inner Indiana Jones.

    We recommend 2022 Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice award winner Laru Beya Resort where the resort’s all inclusive package includes plenty of onsite activities that don’t require you to leave the premises to have a blast.

    For the most efficient way to find your adventure bliss, Laru Beya’s Best of Belize Add-on option offers you a taste of fun that rivals those outrageously expensive trips described above, but at just $760 per couple.

    You’ll stay active and busy from morning to night, and whether you’re inspired by the idea of a Maya jungle ziplining experience (more exciting than any helicopter ride) or trekking the massive Xunantunich Mayan Ruin, both beat an opportunity to freeze at the North Pole. Further, who needs a safari when Belize wildlife is every bit as exotic?

    It’s your adventure. At a spring discount!

    If everything about Laru Beya’s environs, package options, gorgeous weather, and access to every watersport under the sun evoke your imagination, how about saving some bucks by booking an early spring getaway now? You’ll have lots of time to put your affairs in order since winter sale travel dates are between April 1, 2023, and May 30, 2023.

    What’s the catch? You must reserve no later than January 15, 2023, to get in on this special where the offer’s $50 per night reduction could help you underwrite your plane tickets if you stick around long enough.

    And if you fret about limited tour choices, the resort’s a la carte offerings will surprise you once you see what’s on the menu. Adventures, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder and you can count on beholding the most exciting experiences of your life during your stay at Laru Beya where every day is an adventure. In sum, you bring the energy without emptying your bank account. Now that’s an adventure everybody craves!

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