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  • Belize Maya Chocolate Tour

    It takes very patient parents to include their youngsters on overseas vacations, but since kids tend to behave best when they’re totally engaged in experiences that delight their curiosity, rewards are plentiful. Further, it’s no secret that kids and candy have had a long-standing relationship, so offer your background on candy-making to pique their interest about the Belize family vacation you’ve been discussing.

    According to historians, cavemen dried and formed taffy-like sweets from honey around 3,000 years ago, but chocolate wasn’t invented until ancient Mayas mastered the art of turning seeds into the world’s favorite treat around 1500 BC. Considered a food meant only for royalty, recipes were labor intensive, as cacao seeds were roasted, ground, and mixed with chilis, water, and cornmeal to produce a thick brew they called xocoltai.

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    Chocolate Tours in Belize

    While we can’t tell you how cavemen made the first candy, you can count on experts in Belize to offer you and your kids the consummate chocolate-making experience, and you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to find that resource if you stay at Laru Beya Resort, where the all inclusive, money-saving Belize vacation package you seek simplifies your vacation so you can focus on fun, knowing the kids will stay so active, even picky eaters clean their plates at meals.

    Before you and the kids indulge your passion for chocolate, you’ll want to acquaint everyone with this fabulous resort where amenities are designed to delight everyone. Swim in the freshwater infinity pool and the ocean (they’re steps from each other), rent a golf cart to visit nearby Placencia Village, borrow kayaks, catamarans, bicycles, and make yourselves at home. Laru Beya is delightfully small and easy to navigate and since meals and are included with your package, you can focus on family fun during your sojourn.

    About that chocolate adventure…

    Maya Chocolate Tours in Belize

    Known for its creative and varied tour menu, Laru Beya’s Maya Chocolate Tour remains a perennial favorite for both its historic value and fascinating learning opportunity. Kids follow the entire journey of chocolate crafting from Mother Nature’s pride and joy—a cacao farm—to using primitive grinding stones to emulate traditional practices. This à la carte tour’s grand finale is the goal every kid looks forward to most: Holding their own bar of made-from-scratch chocolate.

    Details are posted on this Laru Beya resort web page and you can rest assured that this family-pleasing activity will deliver an adventure destined to occupy a permanent place in your child’s memories, so the tour is likely to be the highlight of their Laru Beya stay.

    And while parents may not put this tour atop their favorite lists, insisting that the dining options, “adult” tours, outstanding personal service, and spa services all vie for the first position, you’ll want to think about this question when you look back: When was the last time your family trip included something for everyone?

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