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  • Top Must Have Items For Your Belize All-Inclusive Vacation

    Who couldn’t use a practical list of essentials when preparing for a vacation? Got the suitcases out? Maybe you’ve kept your luggage out as a reminder that once the pandemic ends, you will be ready to travel once more. That time is here and there’s no better place to satisfy your passion for travel than by visiting Belize.

    Where to stay once you’ve got your airline tickets? Laru Beya Resort, where “paradise has an address.” Located on the Placencia peninsula, this lush Belize all inclusive vacation resort is the epitome of elegance. To prove the point, browse this gallery of images to see what awaits as soon as you arrive.

    10 things to bring along for your Belize all inclusive vacation

      1. Shoes that match your itinerary. Plan to hike the jungle? Bring sturdy footwear. Do you intend to spend lots of time in the ocean? A pair of water shoes or water sport sandals make ideal wardrobe additions.
      2. A reef-friendly sunscreen. Belize is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world and the old girl needs TLC so she sticks around for generations to come. Find a biodegradable sunscreen that works for you and Mother Nature.
      3. Your favorite sun hat. Any hat you would wear in Miami in July makes an ideal chapeau, and if you can roll it up to stash it in your luggage, that’s even better. Bring two if you need a fashion change.
      4. Bug and insect repellent. Find a DEET-laced product that’s safe and effective. Boycotting DEET? Get your hands on Avon’s Skin So Soft.
      5. A medicated lotion to soothe itching. Whether you prefer straight aloe, a Benadryl cream or another reliable remedy you count on, bring it along.
      6. A fold-down rain poncho. There would be no jungles without tropical rain showers that keep Belize abloom year-round. A travel poncho weighs next to nothing once it’s folded down, so it won’t hog the space in your suitcase.
      7. A wetsuit. Had no idea a “Wetsuit Warehouse” existed that stocks affordable snorkeling outfits for aquatic adventures? Now you do. Plan to introduce the youngsters to the sport? They sell kid’s sizes too.
      8. Something to cover your shoulders. This can be a jacket, wrap, shawl or a stole that will come in handy when there’s a chill in the air at night.
      9. One long sleeve shirt. Pick one that washes and dries fast so you can keep it fresh throughout your stay. Wear it whenever a tour or weather calls for long sleeves.
      10. Make sure your passport is valid and bring along a photocopy of it as insurance.

    Notice anything missing from our list? It’s you! Laru Beya is a Belize all inclusive resort, so as long as you’ve got your wardrobe together, nothing else is necessary for an idyllic stay at this posh Placencia peninsula resort. Why not take advantage of current discounts and deals before they’re all gone? Wouldn’t it be great to get back to traveling once again and save some money, too?

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