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  • Placencia Belize Winter Trip

    The human body and spirit tend to be very resilient, but when weather gets too cold, physical, and emotional effects can beset even the healthiest of us, says blogger Emer O’Connell writing for the UK Health Security Agency. Add to this winter the onslaught of flu, RSV, and other opportunistic, fast spreading ailments and it’s no wonder you can’t stop thinking about a restorative trip to warm and sunny Placencia Belize.

    By getting away to revive yourself, you strengthen your immune system, take the pressure off your heart and lungs, and even avoid the frequent blood clotting that happens when temperatures drop. A getaway to Placencia gives you opportunities to do what those UK professionals recommend: Get active by exploring the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula with its two diverse coasts, an experience made even more restorative by the warm, welcoming reception guests who book a stay at Laru Beya Resort experience from the moment they arrive.

    Why Placencia? If you keep tabs on the most popular beaches in Central America, you’ll find that Placencia, the seaside haven at the edge of southern Belize’s Stann Creek, at the top of the lists because this parcel of land has everything you desire in a destination. Once a charming fishing village, it’s now known for offering visitors an eclectic mix of cultural exploration, shops, pubs, and since Seine Bight, Maya Beach, Hopkins, and Riverside are all nearby, visitors get a healthy dose of history and fun.

    Indulge in fun, sun, and sightseeing

    While Laru Beya’s biggest claim to fame is its accommodating staff, guests gain access to everything they need to vanquish winter blues, including these outlook boosters:

    • The Belize All Inclusive package covers every aspect of your stay.
    • Amenities include the swimming pool, private beach, bicycles, kayaks, Hobie Cat sailboat, and more.
    • Rental golf carts that get you around the peninsula in style and comfort.
    • Delicious food at the Quarterdeck restaurant and bar, the outdoor epicenter of international cuisine.
    • Weekly scheduled tours showcasing the nation’s most popular attractions.
    • In-room spa services that will warm you up after indulging in all manner of water sports.

    Placencia Belize Winter Trip

    Getting warm thinking about this getaway?

    You’re not alone. Frigid temperatures and all the inconveniences of winter are triggering an increase in Laru Beya bookings—some of them driven by a current resort special called a “wallet warmer” because folks are rewarded with up to a $640 off all inclusive getaways.

    Check your calendar to see if you can pull this off and kiss a world of snow and ice goodbye long enough to regain your sensibilities and defrost your spirit. Need more incentives? There’s a nearby airport that connects you to the Goldson International Airport, so you don’t waste a minute getting to Laru Beya to begin your spirit revival. Further, even a short Laru Beya Resort sojourn can trigger The Placencia Effect, a warm and happy feeling that lasts for months after you return home, no matter the number your thermometer registers!

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