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  • Best Place To Travel in January
    The world has changed dramatically since Rona Jaffe authored her book The Best of Everything in 1958. This tale about three young women reflected that era’s social scene where the main characters worked only long enough to meet Mr. Right. Today, women have more things on their minds as they build careers, but one thing hasn’t changed since the book made The New York Times bestseller list: Women and men still want the best of everything, and it’s become perfectly acceptable to admit that.

    When it comes to travel, who doesn’t want the best of the best? These days, that’s Belize, and for reasons that are not just driving tourism numbers. North Americans are relocating to Belize in droves once they learn the benefits of being an ex-pat in this amazing nation. Belize is easy to reach, the exchange rate is excellent, people speak English and frequent visitors and ex-pats agree that Belizeans love tourists, thus they deliver the world’s biggest helpings of hospitality.

    Sojourn at Belize’s best resort in January 2024

    As a winter escapee with the sun on the brain, you’re invited to abandon the bad weather and low temperatures for a stay at Laru Beya Resort. There’s a reason this resort was given the name; it’s the English version of “on the beach,” and it’s the first Garifuna word you’ll learn in the local Afro-Caribbean dialect, still spoken by ancestors of the people who settled the area in the 1800s.

    Owned, operated, and staffed by Belizeans, Laru Beya offers guests the best of the best, starting with its highly desirable location on the popular 16-mile-long Placencia Peninsula. You’ll love being close to the Placencia Village and opportunities to trade your snow shovel for a pail and shovel if digging in the sand is the way you unwind.

    Laru Beya offers adventures that are so numerous, that choosing just a few can be difficult. Best of all, you reap the benefits of a Belize All Inclusive Package that instantly eliminates having to make the decisions that can ruin a winter getaway. No extra charge for being spoiled by the friendliest staffers you’ve ever encountered.

    Best Places To Travel in January

    In case you haven’t noticed…

    …January is approaching faster than a downhill sled, so if January at Laru Beya sounds like the best idea you’ve had in years, you’ll want to know more about a current Belize Bliss special that is available if you come down by January 5, 2024. This means that New Year’s Eve on the beach is possible!

    This deal offers last-minute guests up to $750 USD on their January all inclusive winter holiday, and who deserves to save money more than you do? Clear your calendar. Read the restrictions associated with this offer and get moving. You’ll find out for yourself how it feels to experience the best of the best during your warm, wonderful, and welcoming Belize January escape!

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