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  • October in Belize

    If you’re charmed by Halloween, love wearing a clever costume, but your winter coat covers all your creative work, perhaps you should pack it and head for Belize where even “bare-bones” get-ups are welcome and the weather is warm, so no coats will hide your handiwork. No need to wear anything underneath. October weather is warm.

    Bring the summer clothing you haven’t had time to pack and a poncho since you’ll take tours that get you deliciously wet while you have the time of your life! Waterfall pool swims. Wading into caves. And since Belize wildlife can’t get enough rain, they’ll be out and about in healthy numbers. Your chances of spotting birds, amphibians, and monkeys increase at this time of year.

    The month of October is the start of conch season, too. Gourmands have been known to show up in Belize for the sole purpose of eating their way across the nation. Here’s their strategy: If it starts to drizzle, they duck into the closest restaurant for the conch specialty and by the time they dine, the sun has returned in all of its glory.

    The biggest reason to visit Fall in Belize?

    Your dollar couldn’t go further. The exchange rate is 50-cents per $1 Belize dollar so whether you stick to the U.S. or use Belize currency, you’ll get more bang for your buck. And think of the cash you’ll save by not buying a language app program. Unlike neighboring nations, Belizeans all speak English.

    There’s more. Fall airfares are low, direct flights on major airlines have increased dramatically since Covid-related travel restrictions were eased and crowds are nonexistent, even at popular properties like Laru Beya Resort. This could turn out to be the least expensive Caribbean holiday you’ve ever taken.

    Belize October Vacations

    Laru Beya Resort in October is magical

    Awaken mornings to the sound of Caribbean waves washing up on shore outside the window of your clean and comfortable lodgings. Head to the open-air Quarterdeck restaurant for breakfast while contemplating itinerary items on your schedule. Since your stay is “all inclusive,” everything you require is included and resort specials discount your stay even further.

    Act today to get the Belize 40th anniversary special that takes $40-off per person/per night off the already-low cost of the Belize all inclusive package you choose. Why the rush? You must book immediately to get this price reduction, so you haven’t a minute to waste. Browse this web page to see what you miss if you say no to this special.

    Don’t despair if you can’t book now. You can still snag savings courtesy of Laru Beya’s Extended Stay special that gives you the excuse you seek to stay longer between now and December 18, 2021. Receive 20-, 25- or 30-percent off your sojourn by doing what you long to do anyway: stick around! Read the details. Pack your costume. Loan your leaf blower and pumpkin carving tools to your neighbor since you won’t need them. You’ll be in paradise, learning why Fall in Belize is heavenly and why Laru Beya Resort is the only place to spend this season.

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