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  • Belize adventure holidays

    Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel:

    1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system.
    2. Adventures may help combat serious health issues like heart disease and obesity.
    3. There are no age limits when it comes to taking adventure trips.
    4. Hiking helps grow and expand the brain – especially after age 50.
    5. Adventures raise a traveler’s tolerance for uncertainty, teaching coping skills.
    6. These types of experiences encourage creative thinking.
    7. Travel adventures build confidence, encouraging people to dream big.

    Why go on adventures during holidays?

    One of the main reasons has to do with time. During the holidays, there’s enough time to devote to exploring, discovering, and probing new worlds and if you choose a destination like Belize – where the weather is idyllic, everyone speaks English and it takes only a few hours by plane to reach – you’ll find no shortage of adventures awaiting your arrival, particularly if you book a stay at Laru Beya Resort located on the trendy Placencia peninsula.

    One of the most efficient ways to enjoy every minute of adventure time is to turn to a resort that is not only known for its proximity to Belize’s exciting adventures but offers Belize all inclusive packages that take care of beautiful accommodations, meals, and onsite amenities but adventure tours, too. No wasting time and effort searching for booking agents. Your adventures are already on the Laru Beya Resort menu for folks who choose the Best of Belize option.

    Belize adventure vacations
    A la carte adventures customize your stay

    For travelers who aren’t quite sure what they would like to try because Laru Beya offers so many adventures, the resort’s weekly scheduled tours offer opportunities to stretch your boundaries by opting for these activities:

    -Try ziplining
    -Swim in a waterfall
    -Go cave tubing
    -Snorkel Caribbean waters
    -Sail the Belize Barrier Reef
    -Explore ancient Maya ruins
    -Hike jungles

    The list doesn’t end with these adventures and the best news is that all you need to do to book one or more of these excursions is to say the word. Every aspect of your adventure is handled by resort staff, from transport and lunches to knowledgeable guides. As a bonus, guests are part of small tour groups so everyone gets lots of personal attention.

    Having set your sights on holiday adventure travel, you may not encounter crowds, but Laru Beya is a boutique property catering to limited numbers of guests, so it’s smart to book early so you can look forward to gaining those scientific perks. Further, Belize vacation specials may be available at the time you intend to travel, and who says “no” to opportunities to save money?

    Health benefits. Fun. An expanded worldview. You’ll wonder why you never thought of taking an adventure vacation during the holidays before now!


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