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    In case you haven’t heard the news, there is no destination comparable to the Placencia peninsula in southern Belize. Travel professionals, journalists and frequent Belize visitors sing this district’s praises because it’s ideally situated, family-friendly and gorgeous, especially during the winter months.

    Finding a resort for your family getaway on Placencia is no brainer: Laru Beya is a haven for families who want to see and do everything Belize has to offer during their winter vacation, thus only one question remains: Which month is good for you?

    Why you should come in January

    Having rung in the new year amid snow and ice, an escape to Placencia in January gets 2023 off to a great start. Temperatures are so delightful, you can leave winter gear behind for a respite filled with warm, sunny days and daytime temperatures in the 80s.

    Choose adventures for which Placencia is well known: Nature tours and access to the Belize Barrier Reef for snorkeling, diving, fishing, and more. Depending upon the family Belize all inclusive package you choose when booking your stay everyone can collaborate on an itinerary that gives each family member the opportunity to do something special.

    Why A Belize Vacation Near The Water Is Actually Good For Your Brain

    Why you should come in February

    Nothing surpasses bringing those you love to Belize in February since temperatures remain warm, you can avail yourself of the packages mentioned above and the annual Placencia Sidewalk Arts and Musical Festival offers fun and entertainment for all family members. Browse the fair’s mélange of hand-crafted carvings, art, sculptures, jewelry, and stick around for the music.

    Ask the Laru Beya front desk to set you up with complimentary bicycles or rent a golf cart if you don’t want to walk into Placencia to indulge in shopping, cultural experiences, and food. When you return, the beach and infinity pool awaits your pleasure, or borrow a resort kayak or Hobie Cat. It doesn’t have to be February 14th to have a romantic dinner at the Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar.

    Placencia Belize Family TripsWhy you should come in March

    From Mardi Gras to St. Patrick’s Day plus enough local holidays and events to keep you on the go day and night bring visitors to Placencia in March because the weather remains warm with the occasional cleansing shower that keeps forests and jungles green and lush so you and your family can explore these environments.

    If you’re happiest when you save money, extend your stay to take advantage of a Belize vacation special that must be booked by January 15, 2023.

    Feeling motivated? Contact the resort now to get your choice of dates and bask in the gratitude of every one of your family members!

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