Belize Adventure Vacations

Best Adventure Vacation of the Year. You’ll Want Photos!

The year may have just begun, but for those who know that the secret to having the best adventure vacation ever is planning, planning, planning, start now to sort out a super 2023 getaway. If you track trends, you know that there’s been a recent resurgence of SLR camera popularity, say editors at the New York Times. Perhaps the time has come to dig out…

Belize Adventure Travel

Why Is Belize Perfect For Outdoor Adventure Enthusiasts?

If you have lots of disposable income and all the time in the world, booking any of the adventure getaways described on the website won’t be a problem for you. Editors recommend skydiving Mt. Everest, trekking across the South Pole, skiing down Norway’s fjords, and helicoptering over Latin America where the tab ranges between $71,000 and $132,000. Additionally, editors suggest a $31,680 Great Himalaya…

Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Lining Tours

Zip, Zip Hooray for Belize Cave Tubing, Hiking and Zipline Adventures

Zip Lining & Cave Tubing Are Two Popular Belize Adventure Tours If your idea of the world’s perfect vacation includes as many adventures as you can cram into your schedule, a steady diet of jungle zip lining, cave tubing and waterfall hiking in Belize is sure to satisfy your itch for excitement. Worried that you’re too old, not fit enough or lacking in courage? The…

Belize adventure holidays

Are You Up for Some Belize Adventures During the Holidays?

Scientists are fascinated with the reasons people love adventure vacations and some of the best results of their research are encapsulated by Candice Gaukel Andrews writing for the Good Nature Travel Blog. You could be taken aback when you read some of the perks her research unearthed about the benefits of adventure travel: 1. Getting dusty and dirty on adventures strengthens the immune system. 2….

belize is open for travelers

Belize Is Open For Leisure Travel – What You Need To Know

Belize, Open For Tourists, Shows You How Safety and Fun Intersect! If you’re still hunkered down because Covid-19 scares you, welcome to the club! Even seasoned travelers have been experiencing withdrawal systems borne of travel deprivation, which is why this news could morph you from skeptic to believer. Fact is, Belize’s airport and the nation’s resorts have done such amazing jobs of conforming to a…