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    As days drag on, Covid variants dampen spirits and interfere with the things we want to do and places we want to go. Mental health experts have weighed in the consequences. “The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to have profound mental health effects,” say experts chronicling the impact isolation and social distancing have had on even the most hopeful souls.

    Unlike other catastrophic events, the virus knows no geographic boundaries so escaping lockdowns and quarantines requires creative thinking and research. There’s only one close-to-home nation populated by English speakers offering sun, fun, and lockdown recovery: Belize.

    1. The sun’s always out. Even during the green season, the sun comes out delivering boosts of the hormone serotonin that can’t be surpassed when it comes to mood-boosting and a sense of relaxation and calmness.

    2. You’ll be surrounded by green. Nature heals, soothes, and restores. Belize jungles, forests, and verdant landscapes reduce anger, fear, and stress, contributing to a sense of wellbeing. Time spent in nature is so powerful, it can overcome Covid stressors and even reduce mortality rates.

    3. You can be irresponsible! Sojourn at a world-class resort like Laru Beya on the Placencia peninsula and leave your burdens behind. Staff stands ready to fulfill your every desire and if you choose a Belize all inclusive package, every detail of your stay is taken care of.

    4. Diversions are abundant. Want to yell back at Howler monkeys, spot Manatee at home in the Placencia lagoon, zip line, visit ancient Maya ruins and caves? These are just a few of the diversions you’ll be offered during your Belize vacation.

    5. Got beaches on the brain? Placencia has miles of them and waves washing ashore can work miracles on your psyche. Crashing waves heal. Depression lifts. Ocean mists deliver negative ions that calm the mind. Don’t discount the pleasure of feeling sand between your toes.

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    6. Hang out with the friendliest folks in Central America. Belizeans greet visitors with warmth, welcoming smiles, and exceptional hospitality. It’s contagious. You’ll rediscover the smile you had before Covid masks hid your emotions!

    7. Eat yourself happy. Taste dishes crafted of locally grown spices, the freshest seafood, and produce that reflect myriad cooking traditions. “Everyday foods could hold the key to unlocking your body’s natural cheerful chemicals,” say BBC journalists. One glance at Laru Beya’s onsite restaurant menu tells you all you need to know about the resort’s fabulous cuisine.

    8. Design your own adventures. Browse the tour menu from which Laru Beya guests can choose. No pressure. See what thrills you. Try something new. Travel invigorates and energizes the spirit, thereby hastening lockdown recovery.

    9. Change your thinking. A tropical resort that’s surrounded by natural splendor, attentive staff, and a welcoming community may be all you need to experience a change in your perspective. Yes, social isolation is spirit dampening, but you’ve gotten a dose of real-world tranquility, a gift Belize is happy to give away.

    10. Get a cultural boost. Exploring other cultures changes people. Forbes contributor Noma Nazish has studied this topic and proven that exposure to other cultures helps people deal with “larger issues in life with more grace and patience.” You’ll have to go back to Covid life ultimately, but your return could find you a different person!

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