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  • Belize The Caribbean’s Most Popular Post-Covid Destination

    When the Belize airport re-opened to tourists on October 1, 2020, new health and hygiene rules and regulations had been instituted, so travelers weary of staying home felt euphoric when stepping off flights and being screened because they realized from the get-go how important their health and well being was to Belize officials.

    How did Belize become the top post-COVID travel destination? For starters, even veteran travelers are leery of sitting on airplanes for hours on end, worrying that someone across the aisle could be infected without knowing it. The ultra-short flight that gets visitors to Belize from the U.S. takes just hours. “It was easy keeping my mask on for this brief flight,” people arriving were overheard saying.

    Another reason people are flocking to Belize has to do with the extraordinary efforts put forth by the Belize tourism industry and government. Both collaborated on a rigid set of guidelines that adhere to international health organization standards. Any resort refusing to meet these criteria was denied the Gold Standard status, which means the utmost safety and hygiene practices have not been put into place.

    Why visitors favor Laru Beya Resort

    Having been one of the first properties in Belize to receive Gold Standard certification, Laru Beya Resort staff determined that no other property would come close to matching their adherence to these standards. Competitive? You bet! But Laru Beya has its own code of standards that were already in place before the pandemic struck. By choosing Laru Beya for your post-COVID getaway you get additional perks:

    1. You don’t have to worry about crowds. Laru Beya is a small resort, to begin with, and having put into practice social distancing measures, contactless booking & low-contact check-ins, temperature checks, and revamping tours to accommodate fewer people, you’ll be treated like the only guests on the premises!

    2. The best environment to rest and relax. No competing for hammocks, pool time, or spa time. Social distancing at the resort’s gourmet restaurant delivers on privacy as well as some of the world’s best cuisine, prepared from recently-harvested produce gleaned from nearby farms and freshly-caught seafood guaranteed to pamper your taste buds.

    3. Affordability! Fall is low season when Belize all inclusive packages are already kind to budgets, so feast your eyes on these packages. From romantic sojourns to family-friendly deals, who says your wallet needs to take a hit to enable you and yours from taking an exotic, tropical, post-COVID Caribbean vacation?

    4. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Laru Beya announced a variety of specials, each of which is so remarkable, they are already triggering an uptick in bookings. Want to join these lucky travelers? An immediate phone call or website visit to snag affordable airfares in addition to your reservation means your post-COVID vacation is no longer just a wish.

    Belize The Most Popular Post-Covid Destination
    You can’t wish away COVID but you can choose a resort that is as dedicated to your health and safety as Laru Beya Resort. Remember that the property is hosting fewer guests than usual to keep guests safe — and because there were already reservations on the books when the property re-opened on October 1st — the faster you book, the sooner you discover why Belize and Laru Beya are the most popular post-COVID destinations in Central America.

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