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    Fun Family Friendly Tours in Belize

    It’s not easy entertaining kids these days. Competition is fierce. From YouTube videos and kid-focused websites to TV series that rely upon animation to keep youngsters focused on the action, it can take a dramatic pronouncement to get kids to look up from their screens.

    Try this one on for size: “How would you like to take a vacation that’s filled with so many child-friendly attractions, you won’t even miss your devices?”

    Your youngsters won’t believe you … until you arrive in Belize and reach the Placencia peninsula’s top kid-friendly resort, Laru Beya, where tours for kids of all ages will change the way every family member looks at Mother Nature.

    1. Book a nature tour guaranteed to delight your kids. Monkey River and Cockscomb Basin are two favorites for families. The first includes venturing into Howler monkey territory where loud-mouthed primates steal the show. A visit to Cockscomb’s Jaguar reserve is even more thrilling if you’re lucky enough to spot a wildcat.

    Belize Family Tours

    2. Go back in time. History lessons pale in comparison to opportunities to stroll Maya Ruins like Nim Li Punit and Lubantuum. Archaeologists are still unearthing ancient communities in Belize, so if you’d like to take your interest in Mesoamerican to new heights, ask your Laru Beya host to arrange a visit to an active dig.

    3. Visit the Silk Cayes or Laughing Bird Caye for a snorkeling excursion. Don’t ask your kids to choose since kids always pick Laughing Bird Caye because the name makes them giggle. The once crowded caye no longer hosts birds who have migrated elsewhere, but don’t tell the kids or you’ll ruin their fun.

    4. Explore the entirety of Laru Beya, the resort where bountiful amenities are everywhere you look. Kids can splash in the freshwater infinity swimming pool, build sandcastles on the beach, and if they’re old enough, try kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboats with you as a chaperone. Bicycles and rental golf carts are great fun for exploring all 16 miles of the Placencia peninsula.

    Belize Vacation With Kids

    5. Expose your children to the enchanting Garifuna people, a community with roots that stretch back to Africa and eastern Caribbean islands. Sample ethnic foods, art, and especially the unique music for which the Garifuna have won international fame. Treat the entire family to drumming lessons.

    6. Tour Placencia Village. There are lots to do. From colorful wooden houses to restaurants and pubs, tell the children that they’ll have the distinction of walking along the narrowest main street in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

    7. Pick up souvenirs for friends and family stuck at home in the snow during your time in Placencia Village. It’s okay to feel sorry for the people you left behind – especially if your digs, in-room spa treatments, and fabulous cuisine have lulled you into a state of bliss that has you so mellow, even tired kids don’t bother you!

    How to enjoy your holiday without cleaning out the kids’ college funds? Choose an all inclusive Belize vacation package that suits your family’s vacation plan, and look into the resort’s current special if you’d like to save more. Don’t forget to make this trip all about your kids, remembering that they’ve had a tough time of it during the pandemic, too!


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