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    Not every Central American nation has been as devoted to visitor health, welfare, and safety as Belize, where tourism authorities and the government partnered to put into place unprecedented Covid-19 practices and protocols. Having conceived a list of Gold Standard practices that resorts had to implement before welcoming guests, few earned this certification faster than Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula. Laru Beya was a tourism mecca before the virus hit, and the property is quickly being rediscovered by guests flocking to Belize.

    What has been drawing visitors to Laru Beya of late? Laru Beya’s Belize all-inclusive vacation packages. If you’re eager for a dose of tropical normalcy that won’t cost a fortune, we offer you these four reasons to join the fun now by claiming a Belize vacation package for yourself.

    1. All-inclusive stays are especially favored by tourists who have had enough stress in 2020 and they just want to rediscover how it feels to vacation without having to make a single decision. Packages check all of the boxes guests desire, no matter which one they pick: Posh accommodations, delicious meals, unlimited local beverages, and more.

    2. Select Laru Beya packages include tours and extras that you won’t find elsewhere and no worries about coming up with an itinerary. Perks include sightseeing tours to Belize hot spots: ancient Maya ruins, jungles, rain forests, onsite massages, sunset cruises, intimate candlelight dinners, the use of a golf cart, and other surprises chosen just for each specialty package.

    3. If all you want to do is lie on a chaise lounge for days on end, getting up only for dips in the pool, sports toys, and meals, the basic package will not only delight you but it’s the least expensive one on the menu so affordability is a big reason guests are choosing it. Leave your wallet in your accommodation once you arrive; remember, everything is included.

    4. Laru Beya’s usually pricey winter rates have been reduced as a thank you to tourists returning to Belize after a very long year of sequestration and restrictions imposed by the virus. Come now to take advantage of deals. Come later and you still get discounts that are so amazing, just knowing that a trip to Laru Beya down the road is on your calendar will buoy your spirits until you finally arrive. Where are those deals? They’re right here.

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    Pairing all inclusive Belize packages with discounts is no longer a dream. And those four reasons to avail yourself of this much pleasure and fun is just the start of your personal vacation story. Whether you come now or down the road, feel confident that your physical and mental health are Laru Beya’s first priority and that your holiday is a fitting reward for all that you have been through in the past year!

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