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  • Belize and October VacationsIf you consider yourself a frugal person, good for you, writes blogger Chris Muller. Folks who make fun of your miserly ways are likely to stop laughing when autumn rolls around because you can afford that Belize vacation while the closest they can get are the pages on a travel magazine!

    Why is being frugal a fabulous trait to possess? Because folks in this category retire earlier than most, are highly responsible, and always have enough money on hand to pursue passions and interests – especially those who love to travel. That stated, wear your frugality like a badge of honor and keep up the good work by visiting Belize in September and October where people who watch their pennies vacation like millionaires!

    Why Belize in September and October?

    Because summer heat is history, winter crowds have yet to arrive and veteran travelers prefer to vacation after everyone else has returned to work and school. The biggest reason? September and October are ideal months to visit Belize because everywhere visitors go, they find lower rates, and who doesn’t love more value for their money?

    belize is open for traveling

    Consider a stay at the lovely Laru Beya Beach Resort. Located on the Placencia peninsula, this 16-mile-long district is an ideal fall vacation spot because it’s navigable and offers delights for which Belize is known: The world’s best beaches, access to the barrier reef for aquatic fun, and this boutique resort come with a bonus: you won’t spend a fortune to vacation like a tycoon.

    Belize Vacation Specials you can’t afford to ignore

    As a specialist in money matters, you know that it’s never wise to ignore deals, specials, and discounts, thus learning that a classic property like Laru Beya offers resort specials at select times of the year could come as a surprise, but it’s true. To avail yourself of current deals, time is of the essence. Laru Beya is a small enclave capable of hosting a finite number of guests, so you’ll want to act quickly if the following specials are just your cup of tea:

    Deal #1: Celebrate Belize’s 40th anniversary of independence by snagging a special that gives you $40 off your per person/per night rate on select all inclusive packages. You’ll have to schedule your reservation before October 4, 2021, to qualify for this windfall and then travel before December 18, 2021.

    November Belize Vacations
    Deal #2: Extend your stay. The longer you stay the more money you save. Get 20-percent off a 2-week booking, 25-percent off a 3-week booking, or 30-percent off a stay that lasts a month. Heck, you can bring your laptop and work from the resort if you can wangle this much time off! This generous offer is also tied to an all inclusive package and expires on December 18, 2021.

    Check your calendar…

    … and shift your work and social schedules while searching for Belize airfare deals that are bountiful during September and October, too. Next, review details associated with these two Belize vacation specials and make your arrangements. You deserve a break for being a responsible money manager, so don’t hesitate to feel smug when you sink your toes into beach sand, and if you’re especially kind, it’s okay to feel pity for shivering folks you left behind.

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