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  • All Inclusive Belize

    There’s a reason cruise ships have remained a popular option for travelers: Vacationers know upfront that everything they need and want is included for one price so if they don’t want to spend more, they don’t have to.

    International resorts adopted this model decades ago when owners saw the wisdom in these types of bundles, but if you’re not yet convinced that they’re the only way to vacation, you will be by the time you finish reading these 10 reassuring benefits!

    1. Packages benefit everyone – including solo travelers who often end up paying extra because savings are only realized by couples who take advantage of double occupancy rates. With all inclusive, everyone saves – including families.
    2. Travelers seeking stress-free experiences know that all inclusives are heaven-sent. There are no mysteries involved because everything is spelled out from the get-go. Lodgings, meals, amenities, service, transport, and more are included.
    3. Savvy travelers know that the value they seek in their business and personal lives can be transferred to their getaways. Getting more bang for your buck means you can afford to see, do, and experience more than those using a piecemeal planning approach.
    4. Time savings are substantial. With an all inclusive, you don’t have to spend hours searching for attractions, experiences, services, and more because you’ve already got a select itinerary and arrangements sorted out down to the last detail.
    5. It’s safer to book a package deal – especially if you intend to vacation in Belize. By choosing a package, you can enjoy peace of mind during your holiday.
    6. Everyone speaks English in Belize, so the frustration you may have experienced in the past due to language confusion is no longer an issue. A Belize all inclusive package at a top-notch resort-like Laru Beya Resort comes with assurances that you won’t misunderstand a thing.
    7. Packages at Laru Beya are filled with variety and cater to visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re the adventurous type, seek a romantic getaway or you just want to wind down on the beach, there’s a Belize vacation package and add-on meant for you.
    8. Consider Belize vacation specials offered by Laru Beya Resort to make stays even less expensive for those who can arrange their schedules around deal deadlines. By saving extra money, you could even stay longer.
    9. You won’t wonder what you’re going to do with yourself! Even if your only interest is becoming a beach bum, you will be surrounded by fun things to do at Laru Beya. The freshwater pool, private beach, bicycles, kayaks, and Hobie cat sailboats are just a few package extras available to guests.
    10. All-inclusive packages at Laru Beya offer a perk you won’t find elsewhere: You can add-on regularly scheduled weekly tours like snorkeling, ziplining, river tubing, cruising, jungle hikes, and Maya ruins. Since each is scheduled on a specific day, you can plan your itinerary when you check-in or add a la carte tours if you want more.

    Belize All Inclusive Vacation Packages

    Life is complicated. All inclusive resort packages are the antidote to life’s complications, so taking advantage of these bundles makes you look especially wise and smart. Browse your options. Check your calendar. Which Laru Beya package has your name written all over it?

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