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  • Belize All Inclusive Vacation Packages

    Wonder where the phrase “more bang for your buck” originated? Credit goes to Dwight D. Eisenhower who proposed reducing troop numbers and relying on “inexpensive atomic bombs” as a cost-saving measure in 1953. This suggestion was met with so much enthusiasm, that Admiral Arthur Radford coined “more bang for your buck” to paraphrase Ike’s effort. The saying became so memorable, that it’s been part of our lexicon for 70 years.

    What does this have to do with Laru Beya’s Belize all-inclusive packages? The global tourism industry has adopted its own version of “more bang for your buck.” It’s called the “all-inclusive package” and while Central America is awash in ordinary bundles, nobody does it better than Laru Beya Resort, where very few bucks get you a vacation that’s extraordinary.

    About Laru Beya Resort

    Tucked into the western shoreline of the trendy Placencia peninsula, Laru Beya Resort is filled with the amenities guests covet when they want a mix of onsite and offsite adventures, finding favor with everything from the outdoor infinity swimming pool to the Quarterdeck restaurant, home to gourmands.

    The resort’s fabulous all-inclusive packages have garnered just as many fans. Resort visitors pay a single price and in return, they sojourn in a variety of clean and comfortable digs, meals, local drinks, and adventures plus transit to and from the resort on arrival and departure days, take the work and stress out of a typical holiday.

    All Inclusive Placencia Belize Vacations

    Should your vacation satisfy your wild child or render you wildly blissful?

    Stipulate the Best of Belize Adventure package add-on when you book and the list of perks to which you are entitled is impressive. Memories you’ll collect as you challenge yourself to zip-lining or tubing, or a Maya ruin tour, snorkeling tours, and river cruise add to the lure of this add-on option.

    Couples seeking the ultimate privacy for a honeymoon or amorous getaway where ocean waves set the tempo for an intimate adventure rave about Laru Beya’s Honeymoon & Romance package add-on, calling it the ultimate escape. In fact, we insist on adding another popular saying to describe amenities associated with this affordable add-on: little things mean a lot!

    All Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages

    Build your getaway from the ground up

    Your ability to put together a holiday that’s exactly what you need and want at a price you can afford is what sets Laru Beya packages apart from those of other Belize resorts and while none of these extras can be bundled with room-only stays, you don’t even have to pre-book these add-ons and tours until your booking is confirmed, so add that to your reasons to choose Laru Beya now and in the future.

    It’s important to mention this: Whatever your objective may be—zipping over the forest canopy or only leaving your digs for sustenance—the resort’s spa treatments are heavenly and these amazing treatments can be delivered in the privacy of your suite, on your balcony, or on the beach. We’re pretty sure even Eisenhower would recommend these Belize vacation packages if asked!

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