Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Trip

Book this Placencia Resort for a Last Minute September/Labor Day Weekend Trip

Did you know that a three-day weekend may be more beneficial to your mental and physical health than vacationing for a full week? According to psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert, short vacations “work wonders because you won’t run into many of the issues that typically come up with planning longer trips.” Alpert describes frustrations like spending an entire day to reach a destination, coping with the side…

Belize and October Vacations

September & October Belize Vacations are Affordable

If you consider yourself a frugal person, good for you, writes blogger Chris Muller. Folks who make fun of your miserly ways are likely to stop laughing when autumn rolls around because you can afford that Belize vacation while the closest they can get are the pages on a travel magazine! Why is being frugal a fabulous trait to possess? Because folks in this category…

Celebrate Independence Day in Belize

You’re Invited to Belize’s 40th Independence Day Celebration

Had the iconic pop star Prince been Belizean, there’s a more than likely chance that he would have paid homage to 1981 instead of 1999 when he wrote his classic song, Party Like it’s 1999. After a century of United Kingdom colonization, Belize finally gained its independence that year, saying goodbye to the Brit-imposed name British Honduras and welcoming the name befitting the new nation….


Celebrating Belize’s Independence Day

9 Things to Know about Belize Independence Day Must you be a citizen of Belize to fully appreciate the nation’s Independence Day? Not if you have a healthy respect for nations and people who fight hard to break free of colonizers! Besides, the 39th anniversary of Belize’s independence in 2020 comes at an especially auspicious time: The nation is healing from the COVID-19 assault that…