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  • Weekend Getaway in Placencia Belize

    The Harvest Business Review is never short on advice for movers and shakers who want to achieve both business and personal success in today’s world, so when business executive Rebecca Zucker’s article, “Thinking of Skipping Vacation? Don’t!” appeared, readers reassessed their plans to keep working without breaks. 

    What happens to people who think that the only path to success is found through nonstop work? They burn out. For wise professionals, getaways are essential because meteoric changes in health and mental acuity result from a change in scenery. Happily, not every escape requires long-term planning, long-distance travel, or learning a second language. 

    Belize delivers on the ideal combination of proximity, environment, and variety — that busy members of society need to refresh and renew their spirits. If you count yourself among the supremely busy, all it takes is a long weekend in Belize to freshen your outlook, especially if you choose the Placencia peninsula where two coasts (Caribbean and lagoon) are within reach.

    Unplug and recover at your own pace

    Not everyone moving at the sound of light describes lying on a beach as the only way to revive body and soul. At Laru Beya Resort, situated on the peninsula’s Caribbean coast side, nobody will stop you from occupying a beach chair for the entirety of your stay. 

    But if that’s not you, this resort’s eclectic menu of Belize tours has something for everyone eager to work out stress by pushing their limits via risky pursuits like zip lining, repelling, and deep sea diving or you prefer an itinerary that’s somewhere in the middle.

    Placencia Belize Weekend Getaway

    Take additional pressure off your shoulders by making it a Belize all inclusive package stay covering every detail of your holiday: lodgings, meals, activities, and transport to and from the resort. You can stick to the basic package or consider add-ons if time allows. 

    Ways to reach your goal of renewing and refreshing:

    • Devote time to relaxing on the private beach where waves are hypnotic and trigger blood pressure drops
    • Commit to daily swims in the Laru Beya infinity pool or just float along contemplating the blue sky
    • Try your hand at kayaking or sailing using the resort’s inventory of water sports toys
    • Borrow a resort bicycle to explore the 16-mile-long Placencia peninsula and visit charming local towns
    • Travel to the isthmus’s calming “second coast” where manatees can be spotted on the lagoon side
    • Book spa services guaranteed to renew and refresh every aspect of your being!

    Can you wind down during a long weekend at Laru Beya? You can. But staying longer is the key to bliss, so why not lay claim to the current Belize vacation special by September 17, 2023? Based on availability, you’re invited to get your relaxation fix any time before December 22, 2023. Sound perfect? Work out details by phoning staff at 1(800)329-2528 or 1(800)890-8010 (both are toll-free). This could be the phone call that changes your life in ways only a sojourn in paradise can accomplish—short or long—just when you need it most!

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