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  • Placencia Belize Fall Getaway

    Can time spent on a beach make a major difference in the way you approach life and survive the downturns? It can, say doctors who authored and vetted the article about improved mental health for WebMD. Will it replace therapy, drugs, and meditation? Perhaps, they say. And since it costs you nothing to sit on a beach, it makes sense to bury your toes in the sand as sun rays soothe your mind and settle into your bones.

    Benefits you may receive just from hanging out on a beach

    • Beach time can lessen work burnout and return you to a state of equilibrium
    • Time on the beach delivers a serene change of scenery
    • The shore induces relaxation while improving mindfulness
    • Stress levels and anxiety recede like tides
    • Beaches trigger mood lifts that increase self-esteem
    • Boosted levels of Vitamin D contribute to health and well-being
    • There’s more, but you get the picture.

    Are some beaches superior to others?

    According to an article in the British paper, The Guardian, picture-perfect beaches are suspect! Ecologists agree that pristine beaches are rarely healthy. “Healthy beaches should be strewn with organic litter.” These experts insist that tropical waters are especially healthy if they wash up on beaches near coral reefs, so you couldn’t choose a better destination than the Placencia Peninsula, a jewel in Belize’s crown.

    Fall is the ideal season to grab therapeutic beach time. It’s low season, which means you get low rates and plenty of space to focus on your mood improvement mission. The Placencia Peninsula offers two sublime coasts: sea and lagoon sides. Seeking maximum tranquility? The lagoon side could treat you to your manatee sightings. Alternately, satisfy your aquatic sports craving by frequenting the Caribbean side. The two are separated by only a mile, so spending time on both requires zero travel time.

    Fall getaway to Placencia Belize

    Explore both coasts by staying at this resort

    Proximity has become a driving force in our lives because even when we slow down, we’re usually multi-tasking, so it makes sense to pick a resort on the peninsula that contributes to your reason for vacationing on the beach. Laru Beya Resort is just what the doctor ordered. You couldn’t run into crowds if you tried and low seasonal rates are the best therapy your wallet has received of late.

    Laru Beya’s all-inclusive packages cover everything from accommodations and meals to an exciting selection of onsite activities and offsite tours, so if you’re not content to sit on the beach 24/7, choose from plenty of options when designing your stay.

    Hot travel deals are also on the menu for stressed-out folks who need that getaway as soon as possible, so booking your fall stay immediately could get you the dates you’ve earmarked throughout the fall. Counseling sessions could cost you a bundle. Beach time? Not so much if you take advantage of this special. When can we expect you?

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