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  • Autumn in Belize

    When American Express Travel researchers asked customers whether they prefer “lesser-known” vacation spots to the world’s top destinations, 79% of respondents said “yes!” It seems these savvy travelers love finding spots before they get too popular. Reasons they gave for preferring hidden gems over popular tourist spots include:

    • Wanting to discover trending destinations before they go viral
    • Believing that hidden gems offer more direct cultural contact
    • Avoiding crowds found at spots that are wildly popular
    • Like knowing that less-traveled destinations boost local communities
    • Getting more value for their travel dollar while avoiding crowds!

    Is there a downside to off-the-beaten-track destinations?

    The answer is yes, but the extra effort you put into vacationing somewhere that’s still being discovered is well worth the rewards you reap. It’s important to develop a “willing to wander” attitude, but you’ll have many more chances to interact with locals who are delighted to share their hidden gem recommendations.

    One of the best places to unearth hidden gems is Belize where short airline flights and no need for translation apps make your search for finding these spots even easier. Within a short time, you’ll begin getting the inside scoop from the friendliest people in Central America. Increase your chances of seeing hidden gems by staying at Laru Beya Resort, located on the lush 16-mile-long Placencia Peninsula.

    Autumn adventures in Belize

    Put these hidden gems on your “must-experience” list

    • Snorkel the second-longest barrier reef on Earth
    • Push your limits by going deep-sea diving
    • Try your hand at fishing on varying bodies of water, from sea to rivers
    • Explore some of the 900 Maya sites for which Belize is known
    • Push a few envelopes by going cave repelling and ziplining
    • Wander exotic jungles where chatting up wildlife is part of the experience
    • Explore Placencia’s cultural scene, from arts and music to Belize’s burgeoning culinary presence.

    There’s much more awaiting your arrival and the best way to fill your sojourn with gems is to pick Laru Beya’s all-inclusive package. Once you’ve taken care of the basics, work with Laru Beya staffers to bundle add-ons and excursions that take you to a wealth of other exotic places.

    Do you need a less adventurous experience?

    Laru Beya is known for its onsite amenities, so you don’t have to wander very far to find a variety of activities at this delightful resort. This web page covers them all, you determine the pace of your stay and take advantage of these onsite perks as you like.

    The best-hidden gem of all? Savings you enjoy if you take advantage of Laru Beya’s current Belize vacation special. You can book now but travel as late as December 22, 2023. Why book now? Because you’re not the only folks hungry for a Caribbean getaway that reveals so many of Belize’s hidden gems. Book now and start doing your research. You’re sure to discover so many new experiences, you may never again settle for those crowded tourist meccas!

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