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  • Placencia - Best Destination To Visit in Belize

    Huffington Post contributor Melissa Heisler asked people who live in paradise to explain exactly what they mean when making that claim. Responses from people who moved to the Caribbean seeking delight and bliss were numerous, but what surprised her most was this common sentiment: “Paradise is a place within, not a location without.”

    But suppose you could have both – what if you are given an opportunity to look beyond the stressors and rigors of life to a place that offers scenic beauty and peace of mind? This haven exists a few hours by plane from the southern U.S. in Placencia, Belize. Everywhere you turn, a feast for the eyes, mind, and spirit awaits.

    Why Placencia when Belize hubs are so numerous?

    Finding paradise within a manageable 16-mile-long stretch of tropical splendor surrounded almost entirely by water best describes this verdant peninsula. One coast faces the Caribbean Sea where waves caress sandy beaches that are rated as the best Central America has to offer.

    The other coast rims the Placencia lagoon where waters are so tranquil, gentle manatee find a haven within the warm embrace of the shoreline. Everything visitors crave can be found on the peninsula. High-end eating establishments, charming shops, and a divine jumping-off spot for watersports like snorkeling and diving. Importantly, Belizeans are so warm and welcoming, you’ll be treated like family during your stay.

    Where to stay during your getaway to paradise

    Only one Placencia resort has gained a reputation for being “the place to stay” on the peninsula: Laru Beya Resort. It’s an oasis of splendor located on prime beachfront real estate where not only do hammocks and ocean breezes come standard, but oceanfront accommodations turn an ordinary sojourn into paradise.

    Proximity to everything a guest could wish for – the Belize Barrier reef, the Garifuna Village of Seine Bight, Maya Beach, and endless cultural and natural attractions – can be found at this boutique property where amenities abound. From the beach to the freshwater infinity swimming pool, kayaks, bicycles, and Hobi cat, guests enjoy free Wi-fi and have access to spa services delivered at guest suites, balconies, or the beach. Let your imagination run wild!

    Placencia Belize Is An Amazing Destination To Visit This Year

    Your wallet will find paradise, too!

    Laru Beya’s Belize vacation packages not only save guests money but you won’t spend half of your vacation taking out your wallet since these deals are all-inclusive, covering every aspect of your stay. Peruse this Laru Beya website page and you’ll be convinced you and your budget have both found paradise.

    Worried about the uptick in COVID cases? Don’t be. Laru Beya staffers abide by internationally recognized protocols that include onsite rapid testing, health and safety measures meeting Gold Standard criteria and because the resort is small, you won’t run into crowds staying at larger Placencia resorts.

    That definition of paradise – places where delight and bliss are found – isn’t an illusion. It’s very real – and it awaits your arrival. As winter temperatures drop, we bet you could use a healthy dose of Placencia paradise right about now!


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