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  • Hallmark Films in Belize

    According to New Yorker magazine journalist Sarah Larson, The Hallmark Channel, launched by the greeting card company in 1991, has found a niche so profound in the hearts of viewers, that original films, broadcast 24/7 by the network, have made this channel the No. 1 destination for female viewers between the ages of 25 and 54.

    It’s the channel of choice for nursing homes and hospitals because the content is so uplifting, romantic, lighthearted, and compelling, it’s must-watch TV for everyone hungry for nostalgia who is eager to spend a few hours escaping from reality. Best of all, “Hallmark takes pains to be apolitical,” say network execs. No wonder this channel is so beloved!

    Are you a fan? 

    One of the most inspiring facets of movies made for the Hallmark Channel is the lush locations used to create idyllic backgrounds for storylines. Producers search the world for gorgeous landscapes that drive storylines forward. From romantic sleds sweeping across snow-filled fields to vibrant cityscapes, few locations rival those of tropical beaches where silence is interrupted only by waves washing ashore. Few beaches rival those found in Belize, according to travel writers and photographers.

    Which beaches won the hearts of Hallmark cinematographers? Those along the Placencia peninsula and they didn’t have to go far to find colorful, exotic locations off the shoreline. For practical crew members, shipping equipment, sets, and props were easy thanks to short flights from major North American hubs. Further, producers found no shortage of English-speaking extras eager to be part of the filming. See for yourself why the Placencia peninsula was picked to star in the film Caribbean Summer, debuting on the Hallmark Channel on June 11 at 8 p.m. ET.

    Hallmark Film in Belize

    Photo credit: Hallmark

    Vacation at Placencia’s top resort where guests are treated like stars

    If the idea of strolling the Placencia peninsula to spot places the movie was filmed sounds like a grand idea, reserve accommodations at Laru Beya Resort. This picturesque property is close to trendy Placencia Village, a designated Gold Standard property and recipient of many travel awards.

    You won’t have to make a single decision at Laru Beya if you pick a Belize all inclusive package that covers the entirety of your sojourn for one affordable price, and you’ll feel like a celebrity when you glimpse that array of onsite activities available to guests during their vacations.

    If your plan to travel south includes celebrating your own love story, clean and comfortable resort accommodations, locally inspired meals and a diverse tour menu offer you a romantic environment in which to proclaim your love or even propose marriage amid this bounty of experiences available to guests of the resort.

    Watch the movie to check out this verdant, vibrant peninsula, and the urge to pack could overwhelm you, but before you get that suitcase out of the attic, here’s news you can use that will excite you even more: Avail yourself of current Laru Beya specials and save even more money. Are you ready to take a starring role in your next tropical escape? Book your stay in paradise. Bring sunglasses if you’ve got movie-star looks. You could be asked for autographs! Watch a sneak peek of “Caribbean Summer,” starring Heather Hemmes and Ser’Daruis Blain.


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