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    Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past 8 months, you know that the pandemic has touched everything about the way people live and that certainly includes our propensity for travel. But if you’re eager to know what’s on the horizon for folks dreaming about their next vacations as they wait for travel restrictions to ease, there’s good news from the travel industry related to the year ahead.

    Top Travel Trends For 2021

    According to Travel Pulse trend trackers, these factors are currently driving 2021 vacation bookings:

    • Consumers are seeking new ways to vacation that are in close proximity to home
    • Travelers weary of confinement are planning longer trips in 2021 (full weeks rather than long weekends)
    • Avid travelers especially appreciate contactless health and safety measures put into place by resorts and attractions
    • Beach holidays remain the most often-requested 2021 vacation picks for consumers eager to bask in the sun while reclaiming their peace of mind.

    Where can you find all of these trends embodied in a 2021 vacation? In Belize — and especially the Placencia peninsula, considered the nation’s premier destination long before the virus short-circuited travel plans of people seeking close-to-home locations that are both affordable and fun.

    Placencia Belize: Best Places to Travel in 2021

    Placencia is gorgeous, small, navigable and safe; the peninsula’s beaches are always on or near the top of “best beaches in the world” lists. Every one of the “must-haves” on that trend list are found at Laru Beya Resort, the all inclusive paradise located in the Placencia Peninsula where stringent health and safety measures are in place.

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    Stay at Laru Beya Beach Resort

    Stay in an oceanfront suite that helps you start every day on a hopeful note: Look outside your window, where both sun and sea welcome you to a new day. As part of your package, repair to the Quarterdeck Restaurant & Bar for meals that expand guest’s culinary choices from seafood delicacies served with homemade breads to locally-sourced fruits, veggies and Caribbean-, Mexican- and Italian-themed entrees. And there’s no place you’ll love more than the resort’s bar where tropical specialties and an amazing assortment of local and brand-specific spirits, beers and wines await.

    Making your 2021 travel plans is as easy as visiting the Laru Beya website and choosing from the menu of Belize all inclusive packages, each of which is equally compelling and each of which offers a full array of amenities, experiences and luxury.

    That stated, if you are planning a longer vacation than usual, specials catering to people eager for substantive discounts that also allow you to stay for up to a month should be on your radar. After all, longer stays are cited on that trend list for 2021 and who doesn’t love to follow trends, especially if they happen to involve sun, fun and escape?

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