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  • Forest Bathing in Belize Vacations

    Must you go all the way to Japan to find out how it feels to be part of Asia’s “forest bathing” culture? Of course not – especially since there’s a nation that’s just a couple of hours south of the U.S. that promises an equal measure of peace and tranquility – minus the jet lag – where forests and jungles dominate the landscape.

    If you haven’t heard about the forest bathing movement, check it out, said scientist Qing Li, who authored a book on the topic. Ask your local library to find a copy and you’ll understand why forest bathing is a mental and physical boon. Spend time in close proximity to jungles, forests, beaches, and waterfalls and you’ll ask, “What stress?”

    As fate would have it, Belize is the Western Hemisphere’s capital of jungles, beaches, and waterfalls, so if you vacation in this nearby nation, you can find your own forest bathing bliss while communing with nature. But first, you need the right place to stay so you are in the midst of the sights, sounds, and aromas that help you find peace and tranquility.

    Which Belize destination provides the most number of these sensory pleasures? Placencia, the idyllic peninsula that is home to the award-winning Laru Beya Resort. Placencia is the darling of travel writers and international travelers thanks to its pristine beaches, but booking Laru Beya accommodations includes all-natural experiences and tours you won’t find elsewhere.

    Forest Bathing in Belize

    Browse nature and jungle options that are part of the Laru Beya tour menu or mix it up, pairing natural environs with heart-pumping adventure like a zip-lining option guaranteed to be the highlight of your journey. This tour includes cave tubing and jungle hiking. A visit to the Maya King waterfall wraps up an unforgettable forest bathing experience.

    Because you have the option of booking an all inclusive vacation at Laru Beya, you won’t have to give a thought to the arrangements associated with your stay. For one price, beautiful accommodations, meals, beverages, resort amenities – and, in some cases, tours– are included at an attractive discount because you’ve bundled your stay.

    And if you think waterfalls, jungles, and the best beaches are destined to be the highlights of your holiday in Belize, wait until you check out current specials and discounts available to guests who want it all but would like to save some money, too. Sound perfect? That’s because it is. There’s a Belize forest waiting for your visit, so don’t wait too long to come down, especially if you’re hungry to trade the ordinary for time in Mother Nature’s domain.

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