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    Do you consider yourself an adventure seeker? Perhaps you’re unsure because your willingness to take risks doesn’t always match the daring you see in folks with whom you associate. No judgments here! Psychologists say that there are many types of adventurers and even if you’ve no interest in skydiving, you may still have an adventurous soul. If you’d like to see what qualities adventure seekers possess, take Dr. John M. Oldham’s “Adventurous Personality Type” assessment. You may be surprised to discover that you’re much more adventurous than you ever imagined!

    Consider yourself an adventurer if you…

    • Have been called high-spirited and mischievous
    • Live in the present rather than the past or future
    • You love being active, busy, and on the move
    • Like to take responsibility for your actions
    • Tend to win friends and influence others 
    • Are courageous and rarely—if ever—-taken advantage of
    • Never met a new and exciting experience you couldn’t welcome!

    Placencia Belize Adventure Packages

    Thrill-seeking challenges require environmental diversity

    Given your answers to those questions, you probably realized that most of these qualities reflect personal freedom and openness to all things new and fascinating, thus it behooves you to maximize your holidays by going to destinations that are filled with opportunities to break loose. 

    One of the best ways to do this is to consider vacationing in Belize for myriad reasons. It’s a short plane ride from North America. Everyone speaks English. Belize tends to be more affordable and less dangerous than neighboring nations and the number of escapades to which you can treat yourself is impressive. What’s the secret to having an idyllic escape? Stay at a centrally located resort that serves as your home base, and if you ask fellow adventurers where they headquarter, expect Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula to be at the top of the lists.

    Not only is Laru Beya strategically located along the coast where water sport is king, but the resort supports your proclivities for action by offering guests onsite fun; a swimming pool, beach, water-sport equipment, bicycles, golf cart rentals, and spa services allowing you to build adventure into every moment of your vacation.

    The best deal of all

    Knowing that adventurers love being treated to as much excitement as possible, Laru Beya offers Belize all inclusive packages designed just for folks who want every detail associated with their holiday pre-planned, like digs, meals, shuttle transport, unlimited local beverages, and more. Wait until you see how many perks you’ll enjoy within these generous all-inclusive packages.

    Complete your experience by adding a Best of Belize Adventure Add-on to your itinerary or opt for a Laru Beya specialized Belize Caving or Zipline Tours. Both of these creative options promise non-stop excitement throughout your stay.

    Having already determined that you’re the quintessential adventurer based on the survey above—and knowing your own propensity for pushing boundaries—your stay at Laru Beya on the Placencia peninsula could delight you so much, that you may proclaim it “the most exciting ever!” And isn’t that exactly how an ultimate adventure should be remembered?

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