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    According to wellness experts at the Mayo Clinic, pure relaxation benefits your mind and body so many ways, you may not need an excuse to pursue it more often! The moment you begin relaxing, these benefits flow your way:

    • Your heart rate slows
    • Blood pressure drops
    • Your breathing rate settles down
    • Improved digestion begins
    • Blood sugar levels return to normal
    • Hormone-induced stress attacks stop
    • You’ll feel a boost of confidence
    • Your problem-solving ability improves
    • Increased blood flow impacts muscles
    • Chronic pain is eased
    • Muscle tension will be reduced
    • You’ll feel less fatigued
    • Improved sleep quality is probable
    • Anger and frustration levels are reduced or disappear.

    There’s more, but you get the idea…

    Here’s the best part of finding every excuse possible to relax; It’s free. Health and welfare benefits like these don’t come along every day, so if your life is filled with endless tasks, worries, responsibilities, and stress, spend your money on a trip to Belize where relaxation is the most enthusiastically pursued sport in the nation.

    Where to maximize your RQ (relaxation quota)

    No question about the relaxation capital of Belize; it’s Placencia. This 16-mile-long peninsula is the ideal destination because it’s lush, safe, home to the country’s best beaches and visitors are nearly surrounded by water. Whether you prefer the exuberance of ocean waves or tranquility of the Placencia Lagoon where manatees hang out, this parcel of land is walkable, bikeable and more.

    Where to get the bike? Borrow it from the guest inventory at Laru Beya Resort, the ideal property for guests seeking a place that’s away from crowds but navigable and where accommodations are so posh, it can be hard to leave them to get in all of that relaxing and moderate exercise.

    The resort’s popular restaurant is home to gourmet cuisine and amenities include the relaxing freshwater infinity swimming pool and use of kayaks and a Hobi catamaran in addition to those bikes. That stated, if your idea of relaxation includes touring Belize to take in cultural sites, indulge in water sports, or meet the wildlife, Laru Beya’s adventure menu won’t disappoint!

    Belize Placencia Vacation

    Design your stay for pure relaxation

    Because your relaxation mission is clearly defined, follow the lead of frequent Laru Beya guests by eliminating all of the planning and scheduling that is usually involved with a holiday. Choose from the resort’s Belize all inclusive packages and don’t worry about making decisions unless you must.

    Just as soon as you relax, get into Belize mode by focusing on what matters. Deciding how long to relax on the beach. Determining what you’ll order from the yummy Quarterdeck restaurant menu. Whether to bike or stroll to nearby towns for fun, shopping and cultural stops guaranteed to relax you even more. Your brain, body, and mind will thank you – and you may even live longer once you master the art of relaxation during your time spent in Belize.


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