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  • Adventures in Belize

    When a nation’s footprint is less than 9,000 square miles, expectations surrounding the number of adventures one can enjoy during a visit are best kept low. After all, Vermont is approximately the same size as Belize and once you check out historic sites remaining from the nation’s settlement, hiking trails and ski resorts, attractions available to tourists are somewhat limited.

    Within approximately the same area, Belize delivers endless adventures, including ancient Maya settlements, caves frequented by Maya priests, the best beaches in Central America, pristine nature preserves and lush parks, water sports at a barrier reef, and more. Since it takes a few hours to fly to Belize, you can start having adventures the minute you land and keep going until your return flight leaves.

    -Placencia peninsula beaches give visitors access to endless water sports that run the gamut from snorkeling to diving and from deep water fishing to endless aquatic fun. Hang out at beaches on both the Caribbean and lagoon sides of the peninsula.

    -Blasts from the (ancient) past. Belize is an epicenter of Maya history since there are 900 sites from which to choose for those who fancy ancient architecture, history, and archaeology. Wouldn’t you rather spend time gazing at Mayan cities built between 250 and 900 AD than tour Civil war-era sites that have only been around since 1793?

    Placencia Belize Things To Do
    -Mother Nature’s best buds. Animals calling Belize home are everywhere visitors look. Among the most highly recommended reserves, parks, and wildlife refuges on Placencia are the Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Reserve, Bocawina National Park, and Monkey River where Howler monkeys converse with tourists, and bird watching is sublime.

    Where to stay for your upcoming adventure?

    Given Belize’s small size and the fact that Placencia measures just 16 miles long and half a mile wide, think of the time you’ll save by staying at Laru Beya Resort. It’s right in the middle of the action. The contrast between barefoot luxury and pampering you’ll enjoy during a stay at this highly rated resort and the adventure you seek offers a balanced vacation that delights every one of your senses.

    Laru Beya’s tour menu covers all interests, and no planning is required since the resort staff does everything on your behalf once you decide which tours and activities you prefer: Simplify your planning even more by picking a Belize All Inclusive Package with a Package Add-On that suits your lifestyle and budget and you’re ready to go.

    What To See and Do In Placencia BelizeStick around to design your own adventure

    For vacationers whose idea of adventure consists of drinking chilled cocktails on a private beach, Laru Beya guests are not deprived of a fun option. The resort’s freshwater infinity pool, kayaks, Hobie Cat, private beach, bicycles, golf carts, and spa services easily fill an itinerary and if you love culinary adventures, Laru Beya’s Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar offer food and libations lauded by veteran gourmands.

    Dessert? How about a discount on your Laru Beya stay to round out the adventure of a lifetime? Browse current specials, then notify the people in your life who may need to reach you while you’re away on a trip that’s just your style! It’s your call whether you want to taunt them by sending photos of your Placencia adventure during your Laru Beya stay!

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