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    You crave warmth. You’re hungry for carefree time on a tropical beach. Most of all, you want to take a holiday that won’t drain your piggy bank and you insist that luxury be part of the deal. Are you asking for too much? Not if you vacation in Belize where Laru Beya Resort has you covered on all aspects of your getaway. To prove the point, here are the “3 A’s” you can expect when you visit:

    Accommodations that go beyond the ordinary. From the most idyllic standard ocean view room that treats you to nature’s bounty just outside your window to Laru Beya’s family-size suites that offer compelling views of the Caribbean Sea, sky and landscaping, you’ll swear you’re in paradise for the duration of your stay.

    Amenities galore. Whether your vacation style is being out and about 24/7 or you want to stay put, Laru Beya has you covered. When you’re not enjoying award-winning cuisine at the resort’s gourmet eatery, swim in the freshwater infinity pool that seems to meet up with the ocean beyond. Borrow bicycles, kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboats or pilot a golf cart. Laru Beya’s spa is simply divine.

    Adventures. For some travelers, staying on the go is the only way they can relax. If that describes you, Laru Beya’s tour menu could leave you breathless. From weekly scheduled tours to specialized diving, snorkeling, caving, ziplining, jungle treks and visits to intriguing Maya ruins, you’ll have a blast amid all of this splendor.

    We didn’t forget your budget, gentle traveler!

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    Laru Beya Resort, located on the Placencia peninsula, is more than just a refuge; it’s also the place you can save a bundle – and in several ways. For starters, packages cover all of your expenses. Each includes digs, gourmet meals; unlimited local alcohol beverages and some include tours and extras rarely offered by Belize resorts. For a taste of these packages, click here: Belize all inclusive vacations.

    Are you the consummate deal maker? You’ll celebrate news that in addition to these amazing packages, Laru Beya also offers specials that can reduce the amount of money you spend on your vacation even more. From discounts to incentives, you could end up extending your stay for the same amount of money you would have spent on a short stay.

    Stick around for a month, and you could see a 30-percent deduction on your bill – and who doesn’t love the idea of an extended stay for less money? Check out these Belize vacation deals and see which one best suits your time and budget parameters.

    Now’s the time to head south

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    For travelers weary of Covid confinement who know that Belize is again open for tourism under some of the safest and most stringent health and hygiene practices everywhere from the airport to Laru Beya, your need for a vacation couldn’t come at a better time, but don’t hesitate. In addition to being gorgeous, exciting and fun, Laru Beya happens to be a boutique resort that’s small enough to give every guest individual attention. Bookings have skyrocketed. Act now or you could lose the date you want most!

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