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  • Negative Covid Results Are Your Ticket to a Belize Vacation

    As the world begins to sigh a collective breath of relief now that Covid vaccinations are being administered by the millions every day, wouldn’t it be great if a resort located at a sunny tropical destination reformatted its business model to cater to travelers who are still too skittish to seriously consider vacationing?

    Fact is, there’s already a luxury resort in sunny Belize that offers you so many protections, you may have to read this twice to believe your eyes.

    Laru Beya Resort management and staff have been attacking the pandemic head on since it began to spread. Much to the relief of guests who have been arriving there since travel bans were lifted, even skeptics discover so many protections at the property, they joke that they go home in better shape than the day they arrived!

    This was an incredible vacation, we will definitely stay here again, it felt like home. Even with the Covid pandemic we felt totally safe, they go to great lengths to keep guests and staff safe. – Trip Advisor Traveler

    Eager to escape but you need a push? These 5 checks and balances offer just that.

    1. Provide proof that you’ve been vaccinated against COVID and you no longer need a negative test to enter Belize. Pack your vaccine card and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.
    2. Laru Beya’s Gold Standard certification attests to the resort’s stringent virus-fighting protocols. You’ll social distance, enjoy small group tours, receive temperature checks and relax at last.
    3. The resort’s cleaning and sanitizing practices are modeled on recommendations of global health authorities.
    4. Laru Beya’s property parameters have been re-defined so you dine in comfort at the resort restaurant knowing that every foot of the restaurant has been apportioned for your safety.
    5. Before you leave Belize, the test required for re-entry to the U.S. will be given to you by a medical professional at the resort at least 72 hours before your departure date.

    If you could use more reassurances or want additional information about your safety and welfare at the resort, visit this Laru Beya website page. Once you’ve reviewed the information, you’re going to want to leave that page to click on the resort’s other links for a taste of what awaits you!

    Belize Entry Requirements
    Source: BTB | Updated 3/2/2021

    Browse luxury accommodations. Even the most modest digs will make you feel like royalty and you’ll fall in love with the Quarterback Restaurant and Bar where award-winning meals invite tastebud celebrations – or dine in your lodgings if you feel more comfortable. The resort spa services are guaranteed to be a game changer if you couldn’t find a way to leave your stress back home!

    Check out the Belize all inclusive packages that save money and include meals, resort amenities and extras like tours and adventures that appeal to a wide array of interests and curiosities and browse current deals that can save you money, too.

    Safety. Savings. Serenity. In concert, you couldn’t find a better way to celebrate your travel debut after so long a wait. Whether you’ll travel alone, with a group or as a couple, Laru Beya Resort is your ticket to the best vacation ever – and if you’ve had your inoculation, what better way to celebrate this milestone?


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