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    If you have yet to hear about Belize’s current hot spot, this is your opportunity to learn more. The Placencia peninsula is a 16-mile-long finger of land that has an intriguing history. We’re not sure how long it took them to make the pilgrimage from Nova Scotia Canada to Placencia shores back in the 17th century, but Puritans only stuck around until wars of independence pervaded the 1820s. These devout people sought tranquility and moved away. In their place, a thriving fishing community evolved, vestiges of which remain today.

    Given this fascinating background, it’s hard to believe that these little villages morphed into the top Caribbean destination where fishing is but one of the many sports North Americans look forward to when choosing this isthmus over other Belize destinations. But before you grab your diving gear and snorkel mask, you need a place to stay that delivers on service, atmosphere, and bliss. That place is Laru Beya Resort.

    Why Laru Beya? Let us count the ways!

    As one of the few all-inclusive properties along Placencia’s 16-mile-long stretch, guests of Laru Beya have access to local villages where Belize’s cultural treasures can be found in boutiques and shops, a fabulous onsite restaurant and bar, outdoor infinity swimming pool, and every amenity a Caribbean vacation provides.

    Choose from the all inclusive Belize vacation package that covers all costs and you can relax completely knowing that lovely accommodations, delicious meals, and everything associated with your stay are handled. If you are lucky enough to be able to get away any time you like, avail yourself of specials that add additional savings to your vacation. Sound good? Keep reading!

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    What to do and see during your stay

    • The world’s narrowest street! It’s been recognized by The Guinness Book of Records, so selfies are mandatory.
    • Don’t miss seeing the new landmark Placencia sign designed by local artisans.
    • Try to spot those manatees on the lagoon side where mangroves border the water.
    • Eat up! Placencia is food nirvana for folks with discriminating palates who never met a lobster they couldn’t conquer.
    • Try zip-lining over Belize’s forest and jungle canopies for the thrill of a lifetime.
    • Go cave tubing within caverns and sail up rivers to spot wildlife along the shore.
    • Find out why Belize is the acknowledged birding epicenter of the hemisphere.
    • Roam ancient Maya ruins built by master architects thousands of years ago.
    • Tour a chocolate factory to learn the origins of the world’s sweetest treat.

    By taking advantage of current specials in association with package rates, you can elect to see everything on this tour list as part of a package or make plans for a la carte adventures, each of which is included within Laru Beya’s amazing menu of opportunities to recreate.

    Once you have an opportunity to explore all your options – including comfy digs so close to the shoreline, waves provide lullabies that send guests off to dreamland – you may find yourself reluctant to leave all of this wonder. You’re not alone. It helps to book a future date so you can look forward to returning sooner rather than later!

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