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  • Getting to Belize from Canada

    Even travelers who find winter weather untenable love visiting Canada. The people are cosmopolitan. And French cuisine at Quebec restaurants is so fabulous, diners say all they need do to imagine Paris is to close their eyes and savor every bite of whatever is on their plate.

    But Canadians don’t necessarily all love trudging through an arctic winter without a break and if you’re one of them, this news is going to delight you almost as much as the crème brulee you can’t get enough of. As the high season in Belize kicks into high gear, both Westjet and Air Canada will roll out direct flights to Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, giving you opportunities to take a break in the Caribbean.

    Starved for the sun? Eager to frolic in the surf? Ready to trade the tundra for Belize’s most talked-about beaches along the Placencia peninsula while leaving your mukluks behind? You can. And once you nail down your transport via either carrier, there’s a lush beachfront resort designed to defrost you named Laru Beya Resort. The name means “on the beach” and when you visit, your digs will be just footsteps away from the water’s edge.

    Tickets, please

    Because Westjet institutes flights from Canada to Belize beginning in November, if you want to get out of the cold next month, you’ll have your pick of these flights: Departures from Toronto begin on November 2, 2022, and will continue until April 30, 2023. Choose between a Wednesday or Saturday departure date thanks to this twice-weekly schedule. Service from Calgary starts on November 18, 2022, with departures every Friday morning.

    If you can wait until December, Canada Air will take to the skies and head south beginning on December 4, 2022. The carrier just announced that it would be expanding its flights to cover the 2022/2023 winter months. With nonstop service originating in Toronto at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays, you’ll arrive in Belize in time for lunch. In 2023, this single-day service expands to twice weekly beginning in March 2023.

    Getting to Placencia Belize from Canada

    Room with a view

    Having sorted out the most convenient departure dates on either airline, you can begin to make your plans for a relaxing winter hiatus at Laru Beya, located along the edge of the Caribbean sea where surf and sand are footsteps from the oceanview, oceanfront or family suite you prefer.

    Belize all-inclusive packages take the work out of planning and by the time your plane touches down in Belize, your customized stay will already have been arranged, including meals, lodging, unlimited local beverages and a selection of onsite amenities. Further, customize your sojourn by browsing and adding select add-ons that offer you exactly the itinerary you crave.

    If your timing is right…

    Having done a happy dance to celebrate the scheduling return of both Westjet and Air Canada flights to Belize, you could save money on your getaway by artfully arranging your trip so you beat the December 18th deadline associated with this current Belize special. This will require a little maneuvering to coordinate your getaway, but can you think of any combination of perks that surpasses escaping from the cold and saving money too?

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