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  • Laru Beya- Where Reviews Inspire Unforgettable Belize Vacations

    Mom probably warned you about the downside of bragging, but it’s human nature to share successes, good fortune, and blessings. Further, there are times when bragging is helpful, as evidenced by reviews written by guests at Belize’s Laru Beya Resort. Read a few and you’ll understand why guests felt impelled to rave about this tropical haven.

    They ran out of exclamation points!

    One couple apologized for only using five exclamation points, but they did give shout outs to staffers Erwin, Kristina, Sante, Jordy, Emory, Erika, and Dee (“all of whom made us feel like VIPs”). They loved the Belize All Inclusive Package and couldn’t say enough about how easy it was to book excursions and personal services. “I wouldn’t recommend eating and drinking off resort unless absolutely necessary,” they joked, complimenting the chefs on their creativity as they concluded, “We would absolutely stay here again!”

    It was their first trip abroad. It won’t be their last.

    For newbie travelers choosing Belize and Laru Beya for their maiden venture, this couple is now spoiled for all future vacations. Highly recommending the All Inclusive Package, this pair booked three great tours and found menu options at The Quarterdeck Restaurant ideal, since one of them is a vegetarian. Astonished by the personal treatment they received, this pair loved their lodging’s ocean views and credit Laru Beya with “one of the most relaxing and unique vacations” ever, thanks to resort staff who are “truly the ones that made our stay so enjoyable.”

    The perfect family getaway

    “Prepare to be pampered in paradise!” enthused one family after spending seven nights in an ocean view suite just steps from the beach and pool. This family added a few excursions to their itinerary, but when all was said and done, “The true highlight is the STAFF,” they wrote. “Everyone knows your name and treats you like a member of the family. We cannot wait to return to this little slice of paradise!” where family trips to town were made possible by Laru Beya’s bike and golf cart inventories.

    Reliable vacation reviews

    These honeymooners found bliss

    Two lovebirds gave Laru Beya staffers the highest praise: “We would love to give shout outs to Donnie, Nelsi, CeCe, and Jordy. They are all-stars!” Impressed by the quality of Laru Beya’s Belize All Inclusive Package, even that took second place as staffers stole their hearts by spoiling the bride and groom while respecting their need for privacy and intimacy. “We did not have to go crazy to schedule trips,” because there was so much to do onsite, including “a beautiful dinner with a nice bottle of champagne and treats. Belize is beautiful,” they agreed, “we will definitely be back!”

    You’ll feel the same way these guests did when they sat down to write their reviews—especially if you book a discounted getaway after qualifying for the resort’s current special. You won’t be required to write a review if you grab this special—but you may not be able to resist doing just that!

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