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  • Belize Placencia Peninsula Beaches

    When journalist Rebecca Norris was asked by the online travel website Veranda to research the world’s most beautiful beaches, the destinations she cited included Portugal, Greece, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Tahiti, and French Polynesia, each of which requires long plane rides, adjusting to multiple time zones, and plenty of patience.

    Instead of spending so much time getting to and from her beach suggestions, why not take Norris’s recommendation? Head for Placencia, Belize, which “has so much more to offer than just sand and the sun. The palm tree-dotted paradise is home to a quaint fishing village, waterfalls, and Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary…the world’s only jaguar preserve.” As a bonus, your time in the air will be blessedly short.

    Get two beaches on one airline ticket, beach lover

    Couple enjoying lunch on the beach at Laru Beya.
    Placencia Peninsula is unique in that it’s a distinct 16-mile-long projection of land that is almost surrounded by water. Along this easily navigable peninsula, tourists are treated to a variety of opportunities to delve into the heart of Belize culture that include popular attractions by visiting the Placencia Municipal Pier, art galleries, pubs, cafes, and quaint shops.

    Pick a lodging in the middle of all this richness, and you’re in an ideal position to maximize your beach time. Make a reservation at Laru Beya Resort, and you’ll be as enchanted by the resort’s proximity to nearby attractions as you are to it’s private beach, along the Caribbean shore.

    Why mention the Caribbean? Because just one mile away, guests can visit a second beach that stands in stark contrast to the Caribbean side. The Placencia Lagoon offers a more tranquil and soothing beach, which is probably why Belize’s indigenous manatee community has selected it as their home base. A little patience could reward you with a sighting while you grab the opportunity to experience this beach, too.

    Spend time at the beach, not planning and logistics!

    Having come to experience Placencia beaches, we don’t blame you for not wanting to spend time figuring out where to eat and what to do, so if you grab Laru Beya’s All Inclusive Package you’re set. Perks included give couples, families, and even solo travelers more time to dig their toes into the sand, and you save money by opting for this package.

    With the time and money you haven’t spent, upgrade your sojourn by booking the Best of Belize Adventure Add-On that offers you insights into Belize’s natural wonders amid your mission to spend as much time on the Placencia beach as your schedule allows, and if you’re up for exploring the entire peninsula, do so on a resort bicycle.

    If you love the idea of saving money almost as much as you crave time on this hemisphere’s best beach, you might wish to see if you can time your visit to take advantage of the intriguing specials that are currently on Laru Beya’s menu. Get a price break and beach time? No wonder Rebecca Norris ranked Placencia beaches so highly. You will too!

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