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  • Belize Spring Break Honeymoon

    After what was likely an exhausting search, you and your soon-to-be spouse check out the Belize honeymoon scene after reading reviews from newlyweds that sound idyllic. Your next step is choosing from resorts after learning that the Placencia Peninsula is the nation’s hottest spot for adventurous couples.

    Having found Laru Beya Resort, and seeing how many perks and advantages this property offers, your decision was made. But before you rush headlong into post-wedding bliss, take the advice of relationship experts contributing to an invaluable WeddingWire website article on honeymooning to enhance your romantic sojourn.

    • Psychologists suggest that while it’s great to be adventurous, engaging in too many activities during your honeymoon may lead to exhaustion and less intimate time together.
    • Remember to take it easy and let your love and passion guide you, rather than putting pressure on each other or creating unnecessary stress.
    • While it’s fine to enjoy a few drinks, make sure not to overdo it to the point of missing out on exciting day tours.
    • To ensure maximum ease for both partners, take turns making decisions during your honeymoon.
    • Communication, relaxation, and making fun a consistent aspect of your honeymoon can enhance your overall experience.

    The perfect environment to launch your shared life

    At Laru Beya Resort, every aspect of the “work” required to take care of basics is included within the resort’s generous all-inclusive package, so in concert with occupying a lush hideaway for your honeymoon’s duration, even meals and unlimited local beverages are taken care of. Attach the Honeymoon and Romance add-on to your reservation and your plans are complete.

    When you’re not enjoying comforts built into your cozy accommodation, get your fill of amenities that offer you enough recreational diversity to keep you as content by day as you are by night. If your craving for more exotic adventures isn’t satisfied by this array of onsite activities, review the Laru Beya Resort tour menu to add any of these exciting land or sea expeditions to your itinerary.

    Placencia Belize Beach
    Your timing could earn you two a price break

    Have you selected a date for your wedding? If your special day falls within our promotional period this year, you could enjoy significant savings. Our resort’s special offer includes an $80 USD per night discount. Think of the possibilities with those extra savings — perhaps an exhilarating adventure tour or a delightful shopping spree in Placencia Village.

    Importantly, you can coordinate your stay with these savings by booking immediately to meet this special’s deadline. What a way to start a marriage: Fun, privacy, intimacy, and savings, too!

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