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  • Placencia Belize Guide

    Close your eyes and bring back the feelings you experienced when you booked your first trip abroad. You were likely excited, anticipatory, and a bit nervous, but in no time, you were enchanted. If Placencia Belize just made your wish list, expect an equally fabulous trip—especially if you follow these tips.

    • Dig up your passport- You have met renewal deadlines, right? You won’t need a visa but if you plan to stay longer than 30 days, be sure to have your passport stamped monthly thereafter.
    • Do your homework- Researching Belize is fun and informative, and the best place to start is by delving into our travel blog.
    • Pack light- T-shirts, one or two nice outfits for dining out, shorts, swimsuits, a wrap or jacket, and a rain poncho plus your personal items—should do it.
    • In-country transport- It’s abundant. Choose from planes, shuttles, cabs, car rentals, water taxis, and buses—and in areas like the Placencia Peninsula, many visitors rent golf carts to roam this 16-mile-long paradise.
    • Fit plenty of sightseeing into your visit- Belize is packed with things to see, try, experience, and photograph, and staying on the peninsula makes a first-time visit sublimely manageable.
    • Take care of yourself- As you would on any trip abroad, stay alert for petty crime, don’t wear expensive jewelry, protect your valuables, and don’t roam around on your own—especially at night.
    • Stay connected- You’ll find plenty of Wi-fi connections, but it’s wise to contact your carrier before you leave home to see whether it makes sense to use your plan’s international roaming service or buy a SIM card.
    • Stay where you play- Proximity is everything for newbies who are only in town for a short trip. You’ll be impressed by the number of sites you’ll be able to visit simply by picking a resort on the Placencia Peninsula.

    Placencia Belize Travel Guide

    Your best bet for lodgings, packages and deals

    Book a resort dedicated to pampering guests on the Placencia Peninsula for a mix of fun, hospitality, and modernity: Laru Beya Resort. By taking advantage of the basic All Inclusive Package, every aspect of your stay is covered.

    Newbies love Laru Beya all-inclusive packages and Add-Ons because they not only have a choice of experiences but they include transport to and from the airport, an oceanfront suite, delicious meals and unlimited local beverages plus onsite entertainments that include the pool, beach, kayaks, a Hobie Cat, bicycles, and more.

    Further, consider Laru Beya specials. They’re especially appealing to first-timers, but keep in mind the fact that this small resort has limited capacity so advance booking is essential. That said, a first-time visit to Placencia has been known to delight visitors so much, they long to return to the place that showed them how wonderful it can be to vacation among friends—an experience better than choosing a new destination each time they travel!

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