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  • A Guide to Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

    It’s easy to understand why questions are being asked about the wisdom of importing animals to zoos after being captured in the wild—especially since opportunities to see wildlife over time were mostly found on pages of National Geographic magazines! New approaches to zoo design benefit wildlife as some of these facilities expand space and create habitats designed to emulating species-specific environments.

    What’s changed since zoos were the only places to see exotic animals?

    Everything! Even people living on budgets can travel abroad to witness species in natural environments these days. It’s one of the most ethical ways to observe animals. Further, travel enriches all aspects of life for those eager to see animals in the wild.

    Going abroad could be more affordable than traveling to North America’s top zoos! Take a vacation to the most talked-about U.S. park—the San Diego Zoo—and expect a long plane ride and substantive costs associated with a hotel stay. Travel a few hours south to Belize where the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary thrills and delights tourists and even your budget will thank you for choosing this remarkable option.

    Wrap your animal-focused holiday in an all-inclusive package

    Travelers choosing to sojourn at Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula, home to Belize’s most remarkable Caribbean beaches, can book a complete package that includes accommodations, meals and all the extras travelers crave while focusing on the objective of their journey: Seeing this country’s remarkable indigenous animals in their natural environments. Since jaguars are rare, opportunities to spot them makes this park an especially exciting visit.

    By opting for Laru Beya’s Belize all inclusive package, everything you require throughout your stay is included for a single price so you can focus your attention on the resort’s popular Belize Jaguar Preserve Tour. No zoo visit can hold a candle to this walk on the wild side!

    Cockscomb Basin Wildlife SanctuaryMore than just jaguars

    Make the acquaintance of species you may not even find at zoos. Belize is home to endangered tapir, hosts over 500 species of birds, the loudest primates on the planet—black howler monkeys—and too many other exotic animals to list here. Your adventure begins when a professional tour guide drives you to Maya Center Village that begins your tour. An orientation offers you fascinating insights into the experience you are about to have, and you’ll finish your day with a swim or sail down the river perched on an oversized inner tube, depending upon river water levels!

    Getting to Belize is easy and fast. Vacationing in Belize is an animal-lover’s nirvana. Moms and Dads are especially wise if they take their youngsters to places like Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, an authentic, safe, and fascinating haven guaranteed to teach youngsters so much more about the world they live in than any zoo could possibly deliver. In fact, zoos are likely to be the last places you and your youngsters will want to go once everyone is privileged to take this unique interactive experience!

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