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  • Belize Adventure Vacations

    The year may have just begun, but for those who know that the secret to having the best adventure vacation ever is planning, planning, planning, start now to sort out a super 2024 getaway. If you track trends, you know that there’s been a recent resurgence of SLR camera popularity, say editors at the New York Times.

    Perhaps the time has come to dig out your trusty camera and buy some film. Taking an adventure vacation in Belize demands photos, and if the quality of your snaps improves because you’ve returned to good old-fashioned equipment, all the better.

    Where to start snapping?

    At one of the most popular resorts on the Belize coastline: Laru Beya Resort. This quaint tropical property is so self-contained, that you could burn up rolls of the film focused on the resort’s environs. Don’t believe us? Check out photo opportunities you’ll find by browsing the resort’s gallery page.

    Laru Beya’s all inclusive Belize vacation packages save money because everything associated with your stay comes with just one price tag, so accommodations, meals, amenities, and more are prepaid even before you board your plane for the short flight south to Belize. As you can see, nothing about your stay has been forgotten, so pack lots of films!

    Best Belize Adventure Vacation

    Which Adventure Tours will you choose?

    If you’re smart, you’ll opt for the all inclusive Best of Belize Adventure Add-On from which you can grab opportunities guaranteed to thrill:

      1. Strap on a harness and speed along a zip line route above jungle greenery for the ride of your life. Snap away from on high if you aren’t feeling overwhelmed by the beauty below.
      2. Make the acquaintance of loud-mouth Howler monkeys during a languid river cruise. Guests say that yelling back does more to eliminate stressors than expensive therapy.
      3. Climb to amazing heights by trekking up the steps of ancient Maya temples and city ruins. There are 900 ruins throughout Belize, and your Laru Beya host will guide you through the best of the best.
      4. See the Belize Barrier Reef in person, whether you’re sailing around it, snorkeling along the edges alone or in the company of sea turtles, or diving your heart out.
      5. Trek through jungles and forests that reward you by revealing magnificent waterfalls and wildlife. To say that a swim in a pool at the foot of a cascading waterfall is enchanting would be an understatement.
      6. Float effortlessly into caves perched on an oversized inner tube to behold mysterious caverns. These adventures are especially exciting, so add a flash attachment to your gear if you’re intent on taking photos.

    These opportunities aren’t the only ones you can take advantage of by staying at Laru Beya, reason enough to speak with your Laru Beya host if you’d like to expand your itinerary before or during your stay. Learn more about adventures that await you and your camera – especially if this is your first trip to Belize!

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