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  • Belize Christmas Vacation

    According to folks at Lifeway Research, YouGov tracking polls asking Americans which holiday is their favorite are noticing a major change of late. “Thanksgiving has overtaken Christmas as the most beloved holiday in the United States,” according to a national study reflecting the opinions of myriad age groups at the end of last year. 

    Further, there’s been an uptick in popularity polls when respondents were asked about other December holidays—Chanukah and Kwanzaa, for example. Both were shown to be gaining in popularity, so no matter what’s on your year-end calendar, one of the most delightful gifts you can give yourself is a tropical stay at a destination that’s easy and fast to reach and where the populace speaks English: Belize. 

    Additional research undertaken by North American number crunchers says that year-end travel is being considered more than usual by folks grateful to have survived COVID and who saved more money than usual during this period, so a year-end trip to Belize won’t stop folks from buying lots of gifts for others while affording a tropical getaway. Sold? You may wish to start planning and stocking up on sunscreen now. 

    Make this Belize resort your December sanctuary

    At Laru Beya Resort, a tropical oasis hugging the Caribbean Ocean, ultra-friendly staff and great weather await throughout the month of December, no matter which holiday you prefer to celebrate. Consult the Belize vacation package page to see which combination of bundles and add-ons are exactly the ones you seek.

    If you intend to come down to enjoy an early Christmas escape, you’ll show up for holiday festivities with an envious tan and if you’re seeking a pre-Chanukah holiday (it starts on December 19th), you could snag a Belize vacation deal that saves money if your stay ends by the 18th. That means you’ll have your relaxing adventure in time to return home to light that first Chanukah candle on the 19th.

    Belize Christmas Holidays

    End your year on a tropical note

    Regular Belize tours take the work out of crafting an itinerary during your sojourn, and onsite amenities are exactly what you crave if going off on tours is not on your holiday wish list. That stated you can give yourself the gift of spa services delivered by a trained masseuse within the privacy of your digs or on your balcony. Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the resort’s al fresco Quarterdeck Restaurant and Bar where gourmet meals meet culinary standards guaranteed to impress even the pickiest food critic. 

    Happily, last-minute bookers won’t be punished for ignoring travel critics who insist that waiting until the last minute will lead to nothing but disappointment! There’s room for you at Laru Beya Resort, and all you need do to claim your share of the good life is to contact staff at [email protected], 1-800-329-2528, or 1-800-890-8010 (toll-free). The holidays are fast approaching. Make certain there’s a reservation in your name—no matter which holiday you love to celebrate!

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