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  • Birding in Belize

    This Wikipedia page may not account for every bird spotted in Belize, but it’s a good estimation. Belize’s national bird is the lively keel-billed toucan, and while this is a particularly handsome species, bird lovers are known to become equally enamored of the estimated 590+ bird species visitors could spot if they stick around long enough.

    How would you describe your enthusiasm for birds? According to the Bird Watcher’s Digest, humans identifying this as their favorite activity come in a variety of species, too. Which title on this list best describes you?

    • Bird watcher
    • Ornithologist
    • Ornithophile
    • Aviphile
    • Bird lover
    • Bird fancier
    • Bird bander
    • Birder
    • Bird spotter
    • Lister
    • Ticker
    • Twitcher

    Whew. That’s quite an assortment of names and you’re welcome to borrow any of them when you decide to discover the Western Hemisphere’s best destination for bird watching: Belize. Come on your own and bring a guide and your journal or gather like-minded friends who can’t get enough sightings. Either way, you’ll be enchanted and rewarded.

    Maximize your time and money in Belize by booking a stay at a resort offering all inclusive packages that deliver everything guests need for a worry-free birding holiday. Make that destination Laru Beya Resort on the Placencia peninsula and take advantage of a curated tour that is laser focuses on all manner of wings and things!

    Come for the ambiance. Stay for the birds

    At Laru Beya Resort, expect to be distracted from your primary mission of bird immersion because there is so much to see and do on resort grounds that will appeal to you. All accommodations are steps from the beach and the Caribbean Sea and if you’d like to visit the Placencia Lagoon and resident manatees, this shore is only a mile away.

    The freshwater infinity swimming pool and award-winning Quarterdeck al fresco restaurant and bar are centrally located on the Laru Beya property and if you’d like to stay active in between bird-watching activities, borrow the resort’s bicycles, kayaks, and Hobie Cats. In-room spa services work out kinks in your neck and back if you spend too many hours staring at the sky, and Placencia Village is just a stroll away.

    Belize Birdwatching Vacations

    Book the tour. The birds will show up for you

    Understanding the heavy following this hobby happens to have, Laru Beya Resort has crafted a bird-watching tour that goes above and beyond the ordinary. You’ll travel to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve at sunrise, so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

    If you’ve got lots of empty spaces in your birding journal, bring two pens because you’ll make up for a lost time when you record sightings of toucans, tinamous, trogans, motmots, herons, king vultures, and other species on that Wikipedia list.

    Time your visit adroitly and you could snap a photo of a reclusive scarlet macaw if the bird gods are with you on the day take the tour. The birds are waiting – when can they expect to see you and your binoculars?

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