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  • Belize Winter Vacations

    According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you could extend your life if you escape the winter weather and head for climates that are kind to your body and mind. The CDC details myriad risks northerners face when snow falls, temperatures plummet and bone-chilling winds whip up. No wonder your body rebels!

    Why stick around, run up huge heating bills and put yourself at risk for hypothermia, icy car crashes, power failures, pneumonia, and assorted wintertime ailments when you can head south to Belize where your dollar goes further, the airplane ride takes just a few hours, everyone speaks English and average winter temperatures range from 83 degrees F by day and 70 degrees F by night?

    Dare we mention perpetual sunshine guaranteed to chase away the worst winter blues? Take some advice from birds. Go south when the weather becomes unbearable and escape to a sun-filled haven where walking barefoot on beaches is just one of the sensual delights you experience while your friends stay home and shiver.

    Find a warm welcome on the Placencia peninsula

    The Placencia peninsula has become the preferred destination for northerners who – given a choice between Placencia and Ambergris Caye – needn’t think long before choosing the first. “Placencia could remind you of visiting Key West, Florida 40 years ago,” say International Living magazine editors. Travelers craving sun who avoid the party scene on Ambergris Caye flock to this 16-mile-long paradise instead.

    Placencia offers visitors two fabulous beaches along the Caribbean Sea and Placencia Lagoon coasts where beauty, tranquility, peace, and relaxation abound. Inject an element of casual relaxation to your Belize vacation by choosing Laru Beya Beach Resort for plenty of fun in the sun. You’ll be doubly thankful you found Placencia where tropical vacationing leaves nothing to be desired!

    visit belizeLaru Beya Beach Resort turns up the heat

    • Laru Beya staff members offer the warmest welcome on the peninsula.
    • Accommodations have so many windows, you’ll bathe in sunlight from morning to night.
    • Meals at the resort’s award-winning Quarterdeck Restaurant will delight your palate.
    • Covid-related cleaning and hygiene protocols remain in place, so you stay warm and safe.
    • The resort’s Belize all inclusive package is packed with perks.
    • Black Friday deals remain in effect until December 7, 2021. Book by this date and could save up to US$800!

    Don’t sweat your wardrobe

    Stay on the go via Laru Beya’s eclectic Belize tour schedule. If your itinerary includes jungle hikes, Maya ruin climbing, zip-lining, and other adventures, pack hiking shoes, and don’t forget sunblock, aloe, and antiperspirants.

    What to pack? Shorts, tees, tanks, swimsuits, sandals, and an outfit for nighttime fun. Oh, and if you’re tempted to complain about the heat during your Laru Beya winter getaway, bring a snapshot of your yard covered in snow and you’ll feel doubly thankful you were clever enough to escape the weather back home!


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